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poor people need sunglasses too!

I hate jeans shopping. I really do. Its like I spend 5 hours looking, I get all hot and start sweating because I am trying on pair after pair without luck, which in turn makes me frustrated and in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I hate going to the mall for jeans. Its a big wardrobe committment. They are a major part of the “collection“! I hate it so much. I don’t know why, but I really do…

Yesterday and today I felt like I had been on a neverending, quest for jeans, but instead it was just for a normal, inexpensive, cute pair of sunglasses. Easy right? Hah.

I desperately need a good pair of sunglasses because of the blaring sun and risk of damage to my eyes, so the search began…

Last night we went to 2 malls. P and I found tons that we liked- but they were on average about 90 KD, which is almost 300 US dollars! I honestly believe that Kuwaitis have never heard of The Limited or the Loft, or even Old Navy or Target for cryin’ out loud! Nothing is for “normal“ people here! We couldn’t find normal people sunglasses at all. They were all Gucci and Prada, and blah blah blah.

First off, if I am going to be spending that much money- I’m not going to be wearing it on my eyes! P and I went home in shock that we couldn’t find a single stupid regular store.

So this morning my dad remembered that the airport has a few decently priced sunglass shops, so we headed off! When we got there, Will had to exchange money so we could go shopping.  This is SO depressing. He traded $100 US dollars and got a little less than 30 KD back. It’ll make you sick how much their currency is worth. You have to donate a kidney just to buy a few things at the grocery store. Anyway, back to glasses shopping…

We went to two places that had awesome glasses like we had seen last night, but they were still pretty pricey. So, we went upstairs and found another store that had some nice ones that were a lot cheaper than the ones downstairs, but they were still too much for me. So when I was about to give up and my family was starving and lagging behind P and I because of how long we had taken, I found “the“ store…

It actually had super cute sunglasses for really cheap (for Kuwait anyway). I found an awesome pair for only 6 KD and they are totally UV protected and everything. They are hideous (I know I am using awesome and hideous in the same sentence to talk about how much I like my sunglasses, but those are the two words that come to mind)! They are huge and glamorous. Will has been calling me “Nemo“ all day because he felt like he was staring at a fishbowl. What a goof. I’m hoping to get some pictures up in the next week or so so you can see where we live and make fun of my sunglasses too. smile

So that was our “adventurous“ day of sunglasses shopping. I don’t even want to think about how much I am going to hate jean shopping after this extravaganza…

Thank God for online ordering.

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