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Yesterday we expressed gratitude and thanks.

As we embark on today and the madness of Black Friday, I wonder if perhaps some have long forgotten the sentiments expressed only hours before.

The yelling, pushing, grabbing, and complaining. All coming just one day after many of us gathered together to appreciate what we have.

Today’s post isn’t about Black Friday shaming at all.

Rather, it’s simply a moment to encourage us all to live out a spirit of thankfulness each and every day.

Whether it’s forfeiting that last Elsa doll on the shelves for the young single mother to buy instead, or spending today at home curled up on a blanket my with the ones we love, may we not be hasty in forgetting the thanks we readily shared yesterday.

Yesterday was a strange Thanksgiving, with hours spent at the hospital loving on family members.

We didn’t expect or anticipate it.

Definitely not the holiday we planned.

Talk about an opportunity to realize how deeply thankful I am.

We received the news this morning Will’s uncle has gone to be with the Lord.

He was a godly man. He loved Jesus with all his heart all the way to the end

And for that we celebrate the fact he is no longer in pain.

It puts much in perspective this day after Thanksgiving.

May thankfulness continue to be on our hearts and expressed in our actions daily.

May kindness and appreciation exude from our core, and guide us in all we do.

May we hug our loved ones tightly, as we never know when we will see them next.

May we be less hung up on the many things we want and be more focused on the things we have to offer.

I’m not saying I up and let go of hopes and dreams, or the desire for more.

I’m simply saying I want to walk toward those things thankful for the moment I have today, gently nurturing others and exhibiting grace and gratitude along the way.

I desire to shine God’s love in dark places, and use my hands to give more than grab.

I want to share more than I stockpile, and really mean it from my heart when I do such things.

I also want to graciously receive, and be unafraid to ask for more.

More of God’s wisdom. More of his patience. More of his grace. More of the desires of His heart, and less of mine.

I want to want others to see a thankful heart without me even having to speak.

Today is a somber day for our family, but I praise God for his presence and peace amidst the hurt. May we be mindful of just all that we do have this Black Friday.

More to come…

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