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one million, five hundered thousand, three hundred and thirty four things to do

Is anyone with me? I can’t even imagine you awesome women with babies right now! How do you get things done!? smile Its like we have 24 hours, but really we need 30. 30 would be so nice a few months out of the year. smile I was looking at my planner (I call it my 2nd Bible) today thinking there is no way some of the things that need to get done can get finished on schedule unless I morph into superwoman over the weekend. Will is so good for me in times like these. I am the “worrier” of the pair, so he is always good at making me realize that what I need to get done will get done if I just breathe and stay on task, and the things I can’t change I can’t worry about… because they can’t be changed! smile It sounds so practical coming from him...getting my mind to actually do it is a totally different thing! There is something about thinking about 20 different things at the same time that motivates me. smile I guess that’s why I want to do PR- always having a thousand things coming at you at the same time and just having to get it done, it is a challenge that I hope I can master with more practice! smile

Ready for the weekend! Have a good one!

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