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You have been warned.This has nothing to do with newlywed life. This is the disclaimer of all disclaimers, so the majority of readers would be greatly advised to click the big red X in the top right corner of this page and move on to something else. I’m serious. No, really I am serious. Todays post is serving as my personal outlet for my feelings, and most people will probably feel they need to excuse themselves to go throw up and write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper after reading this. Really, I’m serious. This may leave you cussing at me and leaving “love“ feedback on my blog.

Here I go…

The 3rd and 4th were two of the most incredible and emotional days I’ve had in a long time. I don’t even know where to begin, but I know that I have to start somewhere because I am so full of feelings that need a place to be manifested. I never knew how important Will’s job was until I was able to get on post. I am so full of pride for Will after getting to shadow him for the past two days. I just wanted to give him a big kiss and thank him for what he was doing.

You can’t turn on the TV anymore without hearing the fiery reports on the War in Iraq. It is unavoidable information that even people that live in the most remote of caves and are still are unaware of the invention of the wheel are able to tell you verbatim what is going on. Well, just as you have, I have heard so many bad things regarding the war and the soldiers. So many writers seem to be blending the issue of being against the war and being against soldiers. There is so much bad press. I was watching the news and one of the army’s commanders was talking about how soldiers will come up to him and ask him, “Sir, do the people back home support us?” He went on to talk about how we are getting the capabilities we need to fight the insurgents, but if the soldier’s mental capabilities aren’t the same because they are questioning whether their country supports them, there remains a problem in fully making a difference.

Do you hate me yet?

I’m pushing on.

Anyway, these past two days have opened my eyes to more than I could have ever imagined. I thought I was going to go and have a fun time with Will and see what he does and celebrate the 4th with him- but I got so much more than I bargained for. I don’t care who you are and what your take on the war is, I have to believe you would have been brought to tears just as I was these days. Whether democrat or republican, antiwar or prowar, Bush-hater, or Bush-lover… on and on.. whatever you may be I have to believe that if you were there with me for that very instant we would have been united in one accord and we would have been able to sit at one of Will’s tables and have a meaningful conversation. I wish I could have taken you all with me just to see what I saw.

I am a young pup-22- and there were so many young guys and girls- even younger than me (like 18 and 19) that were on their R&R. So many of their friends were on the beach about to enter their first year of college with no worries, while they were about to go into a whole new world. Everyone at this base are either just coming in from Iraq and are taking a short break, or they are about to go into Iraq. What a grim feeling, knowing you are just here waiting to go on to the war. I watched the soldiers come in and out, trying to take their minds off what they had seen only days before, or those that were trying to prepare their minds for what they were about to see. They would shoot pool, or play darts. Some would just sit alone and write. My heart broke for them.

My mom gets to talk to a lot of soldiers that come in and out of her office. She told me that so many of them just want to be talked to. She will ask them about their families and where they are from and their eyes will light up and they will talk forever. They will talk about their beautiful pregnant wife that is waiting for them when they get home, or about the wife they just married a few months before having to leave. Each one of these men and women have a story, unique to only them, waiting to be told if a person would stop and ask.

One guy came into Will’s work and asked if he could bring his friend in, who had just lost his legs, so he could watch the news. I choked up. These people have been through so much, yet they have to turn on the news and have to listen to “us” bicker about it back home when it is a bigger issue than just the soldiers. They are following orders, they do not deserve to be slammed for doing their duty.

I don’t care how much you already despise me now because I’m on a roll and this post is only going to get worse from here… so please just click off and read my “normal” posts tomorrow.

I truly never ever realized how much I took for granted in the states. Yes, we have a TON of issues to sort through and work on, but we live in the most amazing county. I live in a place where women just achieved the right to vote last month! We take our ablility to bash those in office and take a stand and be free to do as we please for granted. I lost sight of that until I got here.  So many of the men and women I had the honor to meet see their job as giving others the same opportunities as we have here. Okay, so you may disagree with that, but put yourself in their shoes for an instant. Honestly, even if we tried to do that, I’m not sure we could truly feel what they feel because they are in the fray- right in the middle. We just turn the news on or read the Drudge Report.

I want to tell you all story after story that I took in these past few days so you could feel your heart beat as mine does, but it would take too long. I am frantically writing all this just to get it out. My dad was in the army for 20 years and instilled in me a love for politics and for my country and immense patriotism, so I just chomp at the bit to get to talk about this sort of thing.

So, now you will never read my blog again, right? Well, then I might as well finish strong…

Like I said before, this is an emotional issue and we all have our own thoughts on it, but I have to believe if you could do what I was able to do, your disposition may become a little different- not a lot- just maybe a little. I have my own opinions about the war, which I’ve chosen to leave out of this post, but I write all this in hopes that we will all truly appreciate and thank our soldiers, whether we agree with what they are fighting for or not. I would urge you to call your nearest military post or you local national guard/reserves and get an address for the soldiers that are from where you are and just write them a letter of thanks for what they are doing. I saw so many young men and women eating alone or sitting by themselves and looked so lonely and tired and I wondered how much mail they got. I wanted to give them a big hug and tell them I would write them every day. I love getting an old fashioned letter, so I can’t even imagine how much more a crisp, white envelope of thanks would be to these worn men and women. We should all also remember to pray for their safety each and every day.

So, you made it. You are a brave soul. You are probably thinking a million rebuttals to my comments but that’s okay because we live in a wonderful place where we can do that and not be afraid of getting in trouble for it.


Well, I figure if you made it this far I may as well throw in a few tidbits for fun.

We had a terrible dust storm that lasted all day. I felt like I was living in Oklahoma back in the 30s. You should have seen our kitchen. Of all the rooms in the house I would like the kitchen and the bathroom to be the cleanest. Not the case here. Our kitchen was so filthy with dust that we had to keep the door closed all day. We could see and smell the dust in the air. Ah, theres nothing like the smell of grime and grit getting all over the fruit you laid out to have for breakfast. Mmmm.

I also got a roll of film developed. Some turned out good and others were too dark and didn’t turn out as good as i hoped, which is a little disappointing.

Okay, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of me today. I promise I won’t turn into Bill O’Reilly or anything. I’ll go back to my normal Brittny self. I just had to get all of this out.

Thanks for the freedom to do it.

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