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No Bones About It: Brittny (sort of) Meets a Celebrity

You’d think as I got older I would outgrow things.

I mean, sure I’ve (mostly) given up my love of Barbie (totally lying),

All things sparkly (again, lying),

And flavored lip gloss, love of Ryan Gosling, and anything bright pink (lying, lying, lying).

Yet there are a few habits that just die hard.

Like my ability to recognize people’s celebrity lookalike.

Yes, it is true.

For example, some days my celebrity lookalike is this:


While others it is this.



Anyway, the ability to recognize a lookalike tends to be a bit of a distraction.

I’m sure you can imagine.

And probably confirms Will and I watch way too much TV.

So I’m sitting in my meeting this week (a three day meeting, mind you), and immediately freak out because Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones is freaking sitting right across the table from me.



No seriously.

This is actually happening before my eyes.

And she’s right across from me so I cant.look.away!!

There’s lookalike resemblance, and then there’s downright uncanny,

do a double take,

“Do I look okay and would it be awkward to ask for a picture I can post on Instagram?” lookalikes.

This lady?

Was the latter.

Sure she wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her hair was curlier-


She was even wearing a white shirt, which I kept referring to as her “doctor’s jacket” in my mind all afternoon.

(Probably because I’m crazy)

I’m sitting here, listening to her speak, and automatically taking her more seriously.

Should could have the IQ of a rock, and actually have a hard time walking and chewing gum simultaneously, yet in my mind she’s totally legit.

That’s how I roll. (apparently)

I kept waiting for Booth and Sweets to burst through the door, telling Bones there was some super highly sensitive covert operation going down and they needed her expertise immediately!

Only that never happened.


And then, after I thought about that,

I thought about how Booth is pretty cute,

And then my mind then wandered back to reality.

Sort of....

I began to think, “Maybe the Jeffersonian gave her a sabbatical to pursue other interests?”

Interests like the painful reality of project schedules, and contracts, and sequestration.


But who am I kidding? It’s Bones? She’s a genius and loves a challenge.

Of course she’d pick something ridiculous like this.

As I continue to sit in the meeting,

day one,

day two,

and day three

everything progressively gets more and more technical- which means I begin to zone out because it doesn’t really pertain to me.

Which gives me time to multitask.

And contemplate whether it would be awkward if I asked her if she ever gets mistaken for Bones.

Or worse- ask if she really is Bones.

Every time she uses a big word, I secretly giggle in my mind. Of course she would use a word like “parsimonious,” she’s Bones!

When she corrects someone I can’t help but want to say, “That’s exactly what Bones would do!”

Or when she talks about her kid, I’m obviously thinking “Christine,” the cute blonde that in no way resembles Booth or Bones.

And I suppose it’s because it’s a TV show.

Only it is not.

It is freaking REAL LIFE because Bones is here, in my conference room, in the flesh!

I’m so confused!

Deep breaths.

So yeah, obviously I learned a lot during my trip this week.

I did mention some habits die hard, right? wink

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