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Not much going on today.

That’s never a good way to begin a post because people know you’re about to ramble about nothing right from the get go.

Oh well, at least I’m being honest. smile

My sweet “Ethel” bought me the SB pull-away calendar for no reason today. How sweet was that!? She might be the nicest person I’ve ever met.

The day before she spent $6 and brought me lunch from the Chinese place on base because I was going to work through the lunch hour.

This weekend she invited me over to her house for homemade pancakes, “Just because I think you’re great, Britt!” What a freaking nicey!

Her calendar put a smile on my face.

Today’s page is a recipe for edamame salad.  Hmmm, Will won’t even try any food with more than 3 syllables, but I would be open to it.

I think the real reason is that she’s trying to woo me because I’ve been cheating on her for lunch and going with my dad. wink I promised to be a faithful friend and have lunch with her everyday next week and on top of that eat “really bad” one day.

Now that, girls, is true friendship (in some sick way I guess)- risking your diet to eat greasy processed foods that make your butt congeal into a squishy jiggly fat before they even reach your mouth. Nothing screams “I like you as a friend!“ more than eating straight crap. Mmmm. I can’t wait for that day (sarcasm). Yeah. I think that wins the most devoted friend award. Ha ha, just kidding.

I have to be totally honest, I have a complex about this sort of warm fuzzy thing. Please don’t think I need help or make fun of me, but I seriously do!

I feel bad when people do such thoughtful things for me! Yes, I have serious issues. I think there’s even a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm (or some similar show, I can’t remember) episode totally devoted to this subject.

I can relate!

I feel all warm and gushy and then right after I feel those two emotions I feel totally bad because I am such a sloppy loser friend! I go about my business, walking through life just being my sloppy loser friend self and then BAM! all of a sudden I get a random act of kindness.

I start to breathe rapidly and my palms get all sweaty. Blood drains from my head and I turn a sexy shade of ash. The room starts spinning and I let out a groany, “Oh noooo..” Then I feel a little faint.

Why!? Why is that!?




Because honestly, I love my friends’ thoughtfulness! I really do! I feel like the most important person ever. So why do I feel a little guilty!?

I guess I feel like IIII should be the one giving the gift. I have a great network of friends and sooo do not let them know how great they are as often as I should.

“Quit being such a great friend!” I wanted to tell “Ethel” today.

I totally ditched her on her birthday (see last Wednesday’s post) when all this “moving and Will’s dad stuff” went down, and she totally responds in love. She’s like my freaking awesome, sweet, golden retriever that gets back up and licks my face and rolls over after I am like, “No doggie! Screw your birthday!”

Now, I had a good reason for missing her special day, but gosh, I still felt bad.

I so need to make Ethel feel as special as she makes me. She is my only “real friend” over here and dang it I need to make it known, take the bull by the horns and mark my territory! Ha ha, yes, that’s right, I will pee on “Ethel.” smile

I am a serious dork.

First I admit I have issues with random act of kindness from my friends, and then I tell you all I’m going to pee on poor “Ethel“… wow… at what point did this post start to take a plunging nosedive???

No one can be sure…

Another example is inspiring Kelli. She totally from the goodness of her heart has been checking on me to make sure all is well in Kuwaitville and then asked me if she could send me something. I told her I felt like this maniacal mad woman, reaching and grabbing and having a huge case of the “gimmeeees.”

She must have thought, “woah. Calm down lady. You seriously have acceptance issues. I just wanted to send you my latest and greatest and most awesome craft ever! Now I have to reconsider because, well… you’re a strange one...” (just kidding, Kelli, thanks for being so great)

Maybe I am, though! Feeling bad when you’re supposed to feel good is not normal under any circumstance! smile I think the root of it comes down to the fact that I feel my friends are way better friends to me than I am to then (hopefully they would argue that and say I’m a good friend, though!), and I feel that if anyone should be giving a freaking random sweet thoughtful gift it should be me!

Me, me me!

And so then I feel bad when they beat me to the punch line because I truly want to appreciate them the way they make me feel appreciated. My friends- including all of you FREAKING AMAZING (that’s right, I said freaking- you know I mean business when Is ay that) women on the nest- have made me feel so good, especially in my time of need.

I know that is what friends are for, but as I’ve gotten older I have truly come to really and genuinely appreciate the whole concept of friendship. I mean, I have all my life, but it is right now, at this point in my life, I really thank God for my friends and pray I can be the kind of friend Jonathan was to David before David became king. That has been my prayer over the last year and I know that when God has made me into a Jonathan, he will give me a David, and that will be the most awesome thing ever. Plus, if I’m really lucky, maybe my “David’s” husband will get along with Will which is even a bigger bonus! smile

Gosh, who knew a freaking 5 buck SB calendar could bring such restlessness!

Anyway, that is another strange facet of me that will make you scratch your head and think, “Who IS this girl!?” I guess that’s okay because sometimes I even surprise myself.

So, before all my awesome bloggy friends I hereby say I am going to beat my awesome friends to the punch and truly take time to tell them how much they mean to me. I only wish it wouldn’t take some goofy calendar to get me motivated.

Thanks for listening to me ramble, ramble, ramble.

I promise we will all catch up soon. Whether it is during my weekend or (prayerfully!!) when I get my system back up at work.

Have a wonderful day and be a nicey to all your friends. smile

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