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Lunches Lately

Let’s talk lunch.

Do you ever get in ruts?

I totally do.

I make the same thing for three months, get sick of it, forget about it, latch onto something else, only to find the previous recipe a year later and realize how much I loved it.

Then the cycle starts all over.

That’s how lunch goes.

Plus if you eat at work, I tend to feel it limits options.

I mean, since I’m still the new girl I’m definitely not down for permeating the entire floor with garlic or steamed cauliflower.


Not yet anyway (heh heh).

For that reason, I find myself in a bit of a lunch rut.

I’ve had the same things for seemingly forever and had to look through my arsenal for some of the things I used to love but haven’t made in a long time.

All of these things?

Totally lunchable.

That means little prep on our part, and things that can be made in advance or bulk to make busy mornings that much easier.

Plus it’s summertime, which means I like to spend less time in a hot kitchen.

So I perused my meal archives.


I’ve kept a running list the last couple years so I can better remember recipes I so often forget. You know, since we usually cycle through the same seven things most of the time. smile

Here are some of my favorite lunches that will soon be making their way into the rotation!

Oh and I love quinoa.

Let’s just get that out of the way. smile



Or should I say, aubergines? I love this stuff.

For lunch I’ll usually eat it cold with tofu or other cold veggies mixed with balsamic vinegar.

Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa

This one takes a few minutes, but if you throw your quinoa in your rice cooker, you’ve made your whole lunch for the week in like 7 minutes.


If you’re craving sodium and GMOs like I occasionally do…


I love to microwave a sweet potato and top it with Morningstar spicy black bean burger (i.e. the aforementioned sodium and GMOs), and a 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pouch.

P got me on this kick last year.

-Quinoa Tahbouli


One of my favorites.

Again, Toss your quinoa in the rice cooker, make your dressing (and add it separately each day or it gets soggy), chop a couple veggies and you’re set for the week!

Oh, and I keep the veggies, dressing, and quinoa separate and quickly assemble each morning to prevent sogginess.

And PS- instead of the minced garlic, I just use roasted garlic these days.

Peanut Noodle Salad

One of my favorites of all time, constantly abused.

Peanut noodle salad
I also love making salads and adding sun ripened tomatoes to whatever other veggies I have around, and using the dressing from my tahbouli recipe.

Super good.

Then I’ll add some form of plant friendly protein.

Another all-time favorite is what I call my “Mediterranean Quinoa.”

Again, toss your quinoa along with a few cloves of garlic in the rice cooker. Once it’s done, add a can of chickpeas, a heaping half cup of pitted kalamata olives, and sprinkle with salt and cumin.

I love to top it with a big tablespoon of hummus each day before lunch.

Another incredibly processed, gluten-full, GMO lunch I occasionally treat myself to

A Hungry Girl flatbread (I know. Sue me. They’re so darn good though!) with a Morningstar spicy black bean burger and avocado.

Basically just like the sweet potato...but worse. wink

I also love spinach or kale salads with various fruits, seeds, nuts, or crumbly cheeses as well as some form of plant protein

And occasionally shrimp or tuna since I’m eating a little seafood occasionally, but again with the whole smelling up the joint thing…

A favorite mix these days are kale with sliced fresh apricot, toasted almonds, shrimp, and balsamic. I also love this spinach salad. So good, so fruity.

This week’s lunch?

Lentils, once again, quickly made with my rice cooker!

I’m eating then with roasted asparagus and the dressing from my quinoa tabouli (obviously a favorite of mine 😀).

I made it in 15 minutes while my lentils cooked. Easy!

Most of my lunches lately continue to be vegan friendly, however that’s not to say I might not add some fish or boiled eggs to some of these a couple times a week. So long as it’s on hand and can be easily tossed into my bag each morning, I’m game for just about everything!

So there you have it, my dears. If you’re like me and get into lunch ruts, perhaps this has helped.

Now tell me what you eat for lunch so I can veganize it and add it to the rotation! smile

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