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Little Happy Things

Since we’re in the frigid doldrums of January, I thought we ought to find a little joy in the small things that have brought me joy.

I realize it’s only Tuesday, but here are some random highlights from the week (thus far):

Heated seats.

Seriously. I call them my “seater” (seat heater haha)

My good old ‘98 Honda is rough and tough and has a fantastic heater, but let’s face it, you can’t ever beat heated seats.

Homemade frozen yogurt.

It sounds way more complicated than it is. Trust me, it’s nothing fancy, but still quite a nice treat.

Short Weeks
In going to be paying for it all week, but taking off Monday was such a highlight.

Will and I didn’t do much, but it was nice to be together. We watched movies, played with the Bigs, and relaxed.

Extra Workouts

I never make it to the gym during the work week, and never workout Monday.

This week I got to do both!

An extra day for house stuff.

Yes, I realize it sounds awful and boring, but it is true. Knowing I had an extra day to get stuff done sure was nice.

Not having to get ready yesterday

Real life.

It’s the small things, really.

King of Queens reruns on Nick at Nite

That show will forever remind me of binge watching it in Kuwait and will ways have a special place in my heart.


It came in last week and I plan on sharing the goods next week.

Crushing food prep
I always plan ahead.

However, it’s been months since I’ve prepared and prepackaged my food for the entire week.

It has made my work week evenings so.much.better.

One less big thing I have to mess with when I get home at night.

Straight up Truth

Oh friends I am so blessed by some of the Christian podcasts I subscribe to.

Whether I’m cleaning house, doing cardio, or driving home, they minister to me so very much and I’m so blessed.

Alright dearies, let’s end on that.

I’m paying for being off yesterday and loaded down with bunches of work today. Here’s to hoping these highlights keep me perky.

What’s putting a pep in your step this week?

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