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Lipstick on the Pig

I spotted lots of cute animals at the fair this past weekend.

The sheep were so soft and clean, and the horses were shiny and majestic.

And the pigs.

Even the pigs were spiffed up!

Check out this pink porker.

The county fair!


Let’s camp out with the pigs today.

Because honestly?

I camped out with the pigs earlier this week.

I took a tumble through their filth head first.

There’s some pretty hefty changes coming for the B-Love family very soon.

It’s exciting and scary, all at the same time.

I have such a peace about everything. God is so good. When we seek him for answers, he answers.

Yet, as things begin to unfold, I’ve started to see “unfolding” as “unraveling.” I let Satan creep in and cause doubt.

I’ve found myself giving way to angst, worry, and fear.

I frustrate myself because I recognize his tactics, yet sometimes still succumb to the anxiety.

In one of those moments Monday, I snapped at Will and said a handful of stupid things about these changes I soon after regretted.

Ever been there?

There I went, rolling around in the pig pen.

After all these years you’d think I’d be wise enough to guard my mouth and tongue because it keeps my soul from trouble, just as Proverbs says.

Yet there I was, Monday night, rattling off a host of regretful things.

Lord help me!

So, now that you have some background, let’s get back to those pigs.

Proverbs tells us, “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion."(‭Proverbs‬ ‭11‬:‭22‬ NKJV)

Can we please just stop for a second and laugh at the imagery in this verse!?


I love it.

It’s such a clear picture of the point being made. I need things in crayon sometimes, especially hard lessons.

You might be able to shine up a gold ring and wipe down the swine, but at the end of the day old Babe is still a pig and still wants to to wallow in the mud. 


Same with us.

We might clean up nicely, but if we do not guard our heart and tongue, we can really end up in a pickle.

Thank God for His mercy and grace.

Proverbs has numerous verses about contentious wives. They’re a constant annoying drip of water, and tear their houses down.

I don’t like these contentious wives!

The trouble, friends, is that I was one!

A few years ago, I was that woman. Tearing my house down and being that constant annoying drip of water.

Jesus rescued me from my destructive path, but it takes daily surrender of that gold-nosed pig, especially when the heat rises.

Monday was a good reminder.

The coming weeks and months are going to be a major test on my heart and character.

Lots of opportunities for refining.

So today, let’s talk about ways to develop godly character when the temperature rises instead of being a woman who lacks discretion.

1. Stay in Scripture
The biggest way I’ve overcome sinful habits is to read and memorize scripture.

When I’m in the heat of the moment, and it looks like I may not use discretion, I might not always have my Bible with me.

That’s why having scripture memorized is so very important. I pray the verses and make them personal.

Specifically, when that gold snouted, discretion-less piggy wants to rear her ugly head.

I pray with detailed intention and personalize the verses I’ve memorized.

For example, “Father your word says a lovely woman without discretion is like a stinky pig trying to shine herself up with a gold ring. Keep me true to you. Help me to be a woman of discretion and lovely in your eyes.”

Do it. Hide his word in your heart and you might be shocked about the life giving words that come out of your mouth during times of trouble compared to what we might have said in the past.

So help me God!

Oh girls, we need to be praying our faces off each day. We need God’s grace, mercy, and love to get through every single day.

We are surrounded with frustrating people and situations, and it’s important to have a heart of love and patience.

Sometimes, when I am at the end of our rope and feel like I might just lose it, I literally just have to cry out to God and simply stress my desperate need for his help. “You’re grace, God!”

Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and ask for the love, patience, and grace that only he can provide. He is faithful and will do it.

TV Timeout


I just need a break.

In the not so distant past, I would instantly react to things that irritated me without any of the discretion we’re talking about today.

The trouble is that my grouchy emotional response didn’t help resolve anything and actually fueled the fire more.


I’ve started taking a timeout when I start to feel my blood pressure rise. I recognize my ability to react too quickly and say something I will regret.

I’ve finally learned it’s good to talk through things, but foolish to respond so hastily.

Taking a few minutes to sort it out in my mind and ask for wisdom goes a long way in keeping peace.

I laugh because Will has been used to me shooting from the hip over the years. However, nowadays I’ll just get quiet and contemplative before responding and I think it sort of wigged him out at first. Haha

So there you have it. Not only a real life story of how I could relate to today’s verse, but also some practical applications.

Let’s have lovely hearts, friends. Ones full of goodness. I never want to be that gold nosed pig, and with God’s daily faithfulness, we don’t have to be.


Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Ours will be busy, but I’m excited to have a few days off. Plus OU starts the season so we are pumped about that!

See you Monday, and boomer sooner! smile

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