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Just a re-cap post today. Nothing spectacular really.

We had a great weekend. It felt so good to get out and be together. The ultimate would have been to have our own apartment to come home to, but in time we’ll get that too.

Nonetheless, it was just a good weekend. Wednesday night Will wanted to see a movie. It was “opening night” for Monster In-Law and The Longest Yard so it was pretty much between those two. I really really really didn’t want to see Monster In-Law for personal reasons (don’t worry- I won’t get into that), but you’ll never guess what Will wanted to see… Yep… Monster In-Law. That’s true love right there- to sit through that movie with Will. Actually it was really good.

So then we came back to the apartment and uncomfortably had cake and ice cream with my family. I haven’t had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake in ages. It was divine. I think I’ll have to start celebrating half birthdays and random holidays like Secretary Week so we have an excuse to go out and buy a cake. smile After that we just sat around and called it a night.

Thursday we had our famous phone call and Will got to talk to his family and see what all was going on with Will’s fam. We went back to sleep for a few more hours and then I forced Will out of bed by playing a game of bowling on my phone’s loudest setting. We got up and got around and then went to Hard Rock for lunch. It was so much fun. After that we went and saw yet another movie!We opted for The Longest Yard. It was really good.

We headed back to the apartment and then the “fun” began- we sat down to a very important business meeting to talk about the draft coming up in our league. Will made me get my magazine that I have been so avidly reading and researching (wink wink) and a notebook so we could analyze and discuss what players we want and when we want to draft them.

This stuff is quite a process! I am a person of intense order. I call my planner “the second Bible.” I always have to have a plan. Fantasy Football (yes, I know I’m capitalizing it as if it were a real day) Draft Day is anything but structure! You have no idea what these other 11 guys are going to take so you have to have several options lined up incase they take “your” guy. Wow. I ended up having so much fun though! I can’t believe I just said that! I actually had a good time looking though our magazines, reading about players and then discussing if we should consider them or not. We were about an hour in and Will was like, “Let’s put it away for tonight. I don’t want you to get burned out.” I had to laugh to myself because in all honesty I could have went another hour and been fine. Oh well. It was probably a good idea because I may be singing a whole different tune in a few weeks when draft day starts.

Well, today is our last day of the weekend, which saddens me. I always think as I write my posts on Friday that as I am ending my weekend you all are preparing to start yours!Today is just a lazy day. We have the apartment to ourselves which is nice. Will is playing his game- for the first time this weekend! I was shocked because I thought since it was “his” weekend he would have wanted to play more. smile So, while he’s doing that I’m siezing the opportunity to use the computer while I still have the chance. Will has to work tonight which is a bummer, so I will be on my own tonight- kind of.

So, that was our weekend in a nut shell. Nothing too extra-special, but just what we needed. thanks for all the sweet wishes. Have a great weekend.

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