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June Ipsy Review

Another month, another ipsy review.

June’s Ipsy was good, as usual, but there was one miss that made its way to the Rake Up the Makeup bin.

Disappointments like that rarely happen. When factoring in the value for what I paid, a miss every now and then is ok, especially since I know they’re going to a good cause.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the bag everything came in.


I like this bag. It’s got sort of a plush, spongey back that seems like it will hold up well.

Let’s start with the Smashbox Photo Ready primer I received.

I cannot tell you how badly I’ve been wanting to try this stuff!

Seemingly forever.

I’d heard good things and wanted to compare it to the Mary Kay primer I know and love to see how it stacked.

The good news is that this stuff is fantastic!

It goes on so incredibly smooth and feels so velvety. It provides all day lasting coverage and really does make your foundation pop.

If you’re on the edge about primer- do it. Just jump!

There’s even better news.

I’m pleased to say I feel my beloved Mary Kay primer works just as well as the Smashbox brand- and is cheaper!

I also got this Formula X mini nail polish.


Cute, mini, summery, and a beautiful glossy pink. No complaints!

Check out this tre’StiQue eyeshadow crayon in kona coffee.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this because of how dark it was and how “sticky” it felt to sweep on, but after my first full day of use I became a fan.

It held up all day and blended great. It is a little tacky feeling to the skin, but I just used my fingers and it smoothed out nicely. This is a keeper.

I also got this sample Lavanilla lotion


I’m absolutely over the moon for all things vanilla, so I went batty over this luxurious hand creme sample in their Pure Vanilla scent.

My only complaint is that the sample wasn’t bigger! smile

Finally, I got this OFRA Cosmetics turquoise pencil eyeliner.


It’s a beautiful color, and I’m sure it looks lovely on others. However, I’ve shared (over and over again) how unadventurous I am with colorful makeup, and this is another perfect example.

Very pretty, just not for a boring granny like me. smile

There you have it! June’s Ipsy bag.

Check in tomorrow!

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