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January 2015 Ipsy!

It’s January Ipsy time!

Here’s the bag everything came in.

January ipsy

Let’s see what’s inside!

I got this full size Probelle Into the Blue nail polish.

January ipsy

I think the color is beautiful, but as I’ve mentioned before, blue nails just aren’t me.

It’s me, not the polish.

I also got this Hikari eyeliner in Storm.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and smooth, but I’m not a huge fan of the grey and gunmetal colors.

Do I need to be?

I feel like I do.

It just seems like one swipe is never enough to do the job, so I feel like I layer on the color and end up looking ridiculous.

So yeah. Undecided on this liner, but I like the way it goes on so I’m going to give her a go. smile

A pic of the color is below alongside the eyeshadow.

I got this super cute, pink full size Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow brush too.


Check out this Eco-Beauty good day moisturizer.

January ipsy

It goes on nice and rich, and left my face nice and soft. I wasn’t excited about the smell at first, but eventually came around and decided it had a light cucumbery scent I could be okay with. Haha

While I wouldn’t buy this for myself in the future, I definitely enjoyed the sample and the fact that it’s be Eco Beauty.

I also got this full size Pacifica natural mineral eyeshadow in Ethereal. 

January ipsy

Soo I’m pretty much dying over this eyeshadow.

January ipsy

It is super pigmented and goes on wonderfully. It has staying power and gives such a beautiful shimmer. I really really like this stuff. Definitely one of my more favorite Ipsy eye products recently.

Overall, this bag was a keeper.

The polish will go in my Rake Up the Makeup pile, and everyone’s happy!

Check in tomorrow for my February workout plan, and Thursday for random ramblings. smile

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