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The One With the In-Laws & Look Ahead

After a three week stretch of three day weekends, a full work week begins.

I’m sure you feel real sorry for me.

That’s okay, though, because I’m pouting enough for both of us. smile

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here are some highlights from mine.

Friday was a busy day full of in-law prep. I went to the gym early, and got straight to cleaning.

I feel like I say I “have” to clean all the time, but the truth is, I don’t.

I’m just crazy. I one of those that cleans the blinds and baseboards pretty much every.single.time I clean the house.

Who does that?

Crazy people.

I was done cleaning by lunchtime, and soon after it was time for an hour of relaxation!

My mom and dad got me a spa gift card that I decided to use Friday. I got a 45 minute massage and it was heavenly.

I haven’t gotten a massage in many years, so this was a special treat.

I’m glad I got my cleaning done that morning, because I was complete mush the rest of the day.

I made a trip to No Boundaries to drop of twenty grab bags they can give to the girls they minister too.




I was so excited to be able to make so many! Special thanks to the beautiful hearts that help make it possible, it will be such a huge blessing.

Will and I were even able to squeeze in a quick trip to Sonic happy hour! I got a giant unsweet blackberry tea. So refreshing and delicious.

Happy hour

Saturday was busy all the way until the in-laws arrived at noon.

Thankfully, I managed to hit the gym and go to the store before their arrival.

Will and his dad took out the bike and enjoyed the warm weather.

Afterward, we had a late lunch at BJs, and caught up with one another. I got their kale and roasted Brussels sprouts salad. So, so good.

Afterward, we went to church! This week’s sermon was so very good, and is working on my heart. Check it out online here.

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Academy Sports and I got some dumbbells!


So, I’ve been doing tons of home workouts lately, and I really needed to get something a little heavier than the pathetic five pounders I have.

Sure, ten pounds total can be helpful during HIIT, but ultimately I need something more.

I picked up a couple ten pounders and two fifteens. I’m pretty pleased with the purchase and think it will help make my home workouts even better.

Afterward, we had a belated birthday cake celebration!

Strawberry, round two.

Birthday cake round two

Since we are doing work at the house, our spare bedroom was out of commission, so we gave Will’s parents our room, Will took the couch, and I “suffered” and spent the a night away.

Yeah, real tough. smile

Sleepover party!

How could I resist that cuteness?!

Oh and hey, the pups got haircuts, too.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast, and said our goodbyes.

We took the rest of the day easy, since the last two were full of busyness.

Let’s move ahead to this week.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m sharing this week:

-Noodle-less veggie lasagna
-Why comparison can hurt
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-Why I risk turning into salt

So check in this week for more fun! Now off to conquer the week!

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