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It’s Up to You

I’m sure many of you women get this alot. You get asked to do something with friends or family and you ask your DH what he wants to do and he responds, “Its up to you.” Usually when Will says that, he means it, but today I think he was hoping I would not make plans.

My mom and sister asked us out to dinner tonight and then over to hang out. Will has been a little upset over the whole moving thing and how they will miss my graduation and they are giving a lot of responsibilities over to us (like closing on the house and everything). Will isn’t upset so much at them for that stuff, but mostly because he knows I’m hurt but haven’t really voiced my feelings.

Well, since I am an “Odie” (like from the comic strip), I just get right back up and love them despite what is going on. Now, I know you are thinking, “ You need to tell your parents how you feel,” and I know I do, but I guess I just want to enjoy these last few weeks before they move.

So anyway back to the story…

I had this feeling that Will didn’t want to go, but he left it up to me… and I said yes. I just want to take advantage of these last few days and spend time with them when I can.

So, I hate getting the its up to you statement, because I know what I mean when I say it, and I could read what Will probably wanted to say when he said it, but I think he just wants to be understanging of how I feel. Am I making sense? Who knows…

Anyway, I guess we will just enjoy the evening and worry about everything else as it comes! Have a good evening

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