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Introducing: Layla Saffron

So I suppose it is time to tell you about Miss Layla Saffron.

There is so much to tell, really.

Do I begin with the whole story about how my sister and I Facetimed as she took the pregnancy test and we found out together over the phone on a Friday as I was getting ready for work?

Do I start with how she moved home and I was so thankful to see her face again all the time?

Or do I lead with the call I got the night of the 4th of July saying my sister had gone into labor?

So much to share and so many different points throughout the way.

I suppose I neglected this dear blog for too long to really dive into the whole story. Not only that, but I doubt I would share it all here. So much typing, so many memories. Some good and some bad. Yet they all resulted in the most precious face I’ve ever seen. My little Layla bug.


She’s beautiful like her mommy and just as much of a stinker too. She is still so new to me and just now beginning to be more animated, which has been so fun to watch unfold. I can’t wait to see her grow. There are so many fun things I have in store for her! I am so thankful that, for now, my sister will be so near to me. God is so good. I feel so blessed to have my loved ones so very close.

So while there were bumps along the way, and there are still wrinkles to iron out, some huge, and some small, Layla has arrived. And my life will never be the same.


Special thanks to Thomas Perez for his amazing photography talent

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