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I’m a Sports Widow

I would now like to take this time to honor the wonderful man Will. He was a good man, and no one could love me better. I always knew there was a risk of losing him to this illness if we married, but love was too strong.

This past fall, the illness grew worse than ever before. Before we were married, it was bad, and I was always there to support him- even during the painful hours of the NFL draft and the embarassing OU vs LSU national championship game, but during the fall- it got worse.

Soon, we received season tickets and were taking weekly trips to Norman for treatment. Oh the agony I felt every Saturday there was an away game! Preparing frozen pizzas and ordering boneless wings… for fear this may be his last meal…

And then, to my dismay college football was over and with the horrible loss to USC he grew weaker… but then the NFL season began, and I thought for sure this would be it.

Fantasy leagues with his friends continued to spread the epidemic. Now, we had to put him on life support ( ie: buy NFL Sunday ticket on DirecTV) in order for him to get through the week. He was up to a 10 or 12 games a week. Now, his fantasy friends were coming over, spreading the germs and making him worse. There had to be an end in sight, but sadly- as I had known for a long time but didn’t want to accept- there is a sport for every season. It was finished.

Sadly, the day has come and he has gone away from us- to the the couch… where he anxiously awaits the NCAA basketball championship, with hopes of beating me in our bracket challenge. I can not cry, because I knew this day was coming. Oh the agony of having a lifeless husband during the NCAA tournament! Will it ever end?

Britt’s Bracket: 13-4

Will’s Bracket: 12-5

At least I can beat him in our brackets- that may carry me through!

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