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I Broke Up with the Gym: Here’s Why & How I’m Staying Healthy

It’s true.

If you’ve read for a long time you probably know fitness is a big part of my life.

A year ago, the thought of not regularly attending a gym would have caused immediate hyperventilation and hives.

You would’ve needed to break out the big guns to resuscitate me.

Like waving a big fat stack of pancakes or a frosted chocolate brownies under my nose.




Back to quitting the gym.

I did it.

I quit the gym cold turkey.

Let me tell you why and what I’m doing to stay healthy.

Oh- and before I begin I should tell you I’m NOT selling you anything. I’m NOT in any way affiliated with what I’m using now or anything like that. I’m just a satisfied customer that has benefited from the content they provide.

Moving on-

For the last few years I’ve only be going to the gym once a week. .

The rest of the week, I’d do at-home workouts.

They varied between my own manifestations (Yes. Manifestations. 😂) or YouTube workouts.

Regardless, I found I was able to maintain my desired level of fitness using these tools.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my gym days. It allowed me the opportunity to lift heavier weights, have access to a big mirror to make sure my form was on point, plus access to lots of equipment like benches, barbells machines, etc. I don’t have a home.

However, when I looked at my yearly investment against my yearly visit total, it wasn’t a good return.

Adding in another onsite session wasn’t going to work with my current schedule, so I had to give some serious thought about what was important to me.

I decided being healthy and staying fit was important to me.

Yes, I realize that sounds like a no brainer, but hear me out.

Would I love to be stronger, or be able to finally shoulder press 40 lbs, or master my squat?


However, if I could achieve the same physique without it (though achieved differently) and have a workout regimen that fit my life right now, that’s what I decided was most important.

Around the time I was kicking around what to do with my membership, my blogger friend Erin invited people to give Beachbody on Demand a try.

I was able to do a free 14 day trial and joined a 7 day workout group with her and some of her friends and family.

I already knew about “BOD,” as they call it, and was very interested. I thought this was the perfect time to give it a shot!

I did, and there was no going back.

Long story short, my free trial was enough to convince me I was ok relinquishing my gym membership.

The one I hardly attended anyway.

So yeah! I broke-up with the gym and am saving about $450 a year because of it!

I wanted to share all this because we’re nearing the end of the year and people will soon begin thinking about possible 2018 health goals. BOD is a fantastic gift to give someone or yourself this year for so many, many reasons!

Now that I’ve been using BOD for 6 months I definitely feel like I can share some pros and cons of it versus a gym membership. I thought it might be helpful for others interested in doing the same thing!

Cons of BOD

1. You definitely need to have a decent internet connection.

You stream the workouts, so if your internet stinks, you’ll probably lose your mind.

2. If you’re a social butterfly, you might miss the human interaction a gym membership offers.

3. While this isn’t necessarily a “must” depending on which workouts you choose, you’re most likely going to have some upfront costs getting your workout space setup.

I had to buy some extra dumbbells. While I’d love to add to my “home gym” (read: my living room), it just isn’t really realistic in our current space. Therefore, I make what I have work.

4. Speaking of space- you’re going to need it.
I’ve found a small little area does the trick, so while this is listed as a “con,” I’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a tiny square in their living room that would work.

5. Instruction
That’s definitely one element BOD lacks. Sure, a person on TV can tell you how to do a difficult exercise, but if you’re a novice and have no idea what you’re doing, you can risk injury.  I’d say this is probably one of the biggest cons.

With that said, I suppose it can happen anywhere, but it just seems riskier streaming a workout versus doing one at the gym with mirrors and access to helpful staff.

6. Possible strength loss

It really depends on your goals and at-home equipment.  If you’re squatting mad weight and have access to a barbell at home- disregard.

However, for the rest of us, there’s a possibility of losing some of the strength we attained at the gym.

For example, my workouts are completely different now. While I do strength training multiple times a week with weights, I’m no longer working isolated muscle groups each time, increasing to super heavy weight, using machines/equipment, etc.

My workouts are more functional to what I have on hand. While I definitely can no longer leg press 315lbs, I find I’m fitter and have greater endurance.

It’s really about your goals.

So yeah- that’s a possible con to consider.

So let’s talk pros!!

Pros of BOD
1. As long as you have an internet connection, you can workout anytime or anywhere.

Midnight? Check. Christmas? Check.

Yep. No more waiting for the gym to open or wishing they had more convenient hours. I love this perk!

2. Come as you are

I’ve made my excessive man-sweat abundantly clear over the years. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved not getting ready to workout compared to when I went to the gym.

Granted, I didn’t get all that ready when I went to the gym either, but now? I can workout in whatever I want and it doesn’t matter one iota. Man sweat and all.

3. Not having to deal with sweaty people who don’t wipe off their equipment

I’m now the only “sweaty people,” and I don’t own any equipment. Problem solved. Haha

4. No dealing with meatheads, inappropriate gawkers, sweat flingners, people who hoard equipment, people who sit on weight benches and check their phones whilst others impatiently wait nearby to use said bench

Should I go on?

Basically- you don’t have to deal with people.

5. But if you wanted to!

Deal with people, that is…

I’ve found there’s a great community on BOD. I don’t participate in it, but if one wanted to, there’s plenty of ways to get involved. From boards and forums, to organized workout sessions, and Facebook workout groups- there’s as much (or as little) interaction as you want!

6. Cost
The cost is kind of ridiculous. For one year, I paid about $175, which also included a couple guides and cookbooks, food portion containers, and a month of Shakeology (but I ended up cancelling my Shakeology subscription).

If you didn’t want to do all that, you could pay $100 for a one year subscription, which is what I’ll do next year. They even have shorter duration/cheaper options so you can test it out for 3 or 6 months.

7. Content
Y’all, their content is straight up fire.

They have something for everyone. Family/group workouts, yoga, Pilates, high impact, bodybuilding, weight loss, the kitchen sink…

There’s something for every fitness level and interest- and they’re always adding more!!

From P90X, to 21 Day Extreme, PiYo, and everything in between…

I love all the options. It makes staying on track so so easy. I can do high impact HIIT workout and match it with a low impact cardio session.  I can do weights and then find a quick 20 minute stretch afterward. The options kind of feel endless.

I LOVE the versatility. There’s honestly something for everybody. Or everyBODy (see what I did there?).

It’s a program to follow with all the workout guides associated with whatever program you choose AND the nutrition plan. They include those details, too.

Real life.

8. Goals Achieved

Y’all, I’ve done more pushups in these last 6 months than ever before! While I’ve lost strength, I’ve gained a ton of endurance, agility, and am so much better at functional movements.

I am such a better “athlete.” My core is nice and tight because of all the different challenging workouts I’m doing and switching it up (um, but no popping “abs” because I love junk food too much 🍪 😂).

Will even commented on me being “firmer” the other day. 😂

Y’all- this thing is the real deal and such a good gift to give yourself or others.

So yeah! I broke up with the gym, and as you can see, I’m not too sad about it.

If you guys want to do a 14 day trial in January let me know and maybe we can get a Facebook group together or something.

Like I said, I’m not a coach and I’m not sure how it would all work, but it might be fun to have some accountability in the new year! Plus maybe after reading this little commercial I ought to become one? Haha

Think about it and let me know in December.

That’s all for now.

More to come!! ❤️

(And here’s me being silly after a BOD workout for prosterity haha)

Goofy. Plain and simple

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