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hello from AMERICA!

Hello from AMERICA!

I’m here! smile (as if you didn’t already know!)

I’m not sure where to start! I guess I will start by saying you guys make my heart smile. Thank you so much for all your sweet wishes. I got on to check my email this morning and I had lots of kind words to read. It warmed me to read how excited you guys were for me. <3

Now that I’ve said that, I don’t know where to start!

Our trip over here was LONG (15 hours!!), but fairly smooth. I realized Will and I would never in a million years make in on The Amazing Race. We are totally in love, but someone would come home missing a limb or having to be checked in the psych ward. We would just totally kill eachother. smile Between living on 3 hours of sleep my grumpiness would destroy any teamwork, and between Will’s intense competitiveness… it is simply a recipe for disaster! smile

Thankfully, there was no Amazing Race pressue, but the long trip sure was a challenge! I have officially decided that even if I have to donate plasma for a year, we are freaking flying 1st class next time we fly to the states. It is too long of a trip to be crammed in a tiny seat thats even too small for Nicole Richie.

The only exciting thing that happened during the flight over:
1. From Kuwait to Amsterdam I was leaning on Will, finally able to doze off and all of a sudden the freakiest and strangest thing ever happened to me. The plane made a slight sideways sort of turn and when we made that shift a volcanic erruption occured in my nose! It was the weirdest thing! It was if a water spicket was turned on and all the snot I have ever housed in my entire life just literally fell out. I was panicking! Half awake, I was trying to stop the flow. I had nothing! I finally violently grabbed the head rest cover thing from the seat in front of me (poor guy ahead of me) and tried to stop the landslide. It was so bizarre.

Wow. Why did I just tell you that? Probably because that was the most excitement I had the entire trip over. ha ha. I’m so weird.

2. We actually had those cool screens in our seats so we could watch what we wanted the whole trip to Minneapolis! It was great. Will and I picked our movie and tried to simultaneously push the play button so we were “watching a movie together.” It was fun. We timed our stuff pretty good! We even got to watch a King of Queens!!! How cool is that!? I guess someone called ahead to tell the airline how obsessed we are. We had seen the episode a million times, but it was fun to synchronize it and watch it on our flight.

3. In Amsterdam, we got totally blasted through customs for living in Kuwait. You would have thought we were on the Watch List or something. I was sort of embarrassed. I’m sure everyone on our flight that was watching us as we were preparing to board were totally freaked out. I could give you the long version, but I have too much to talk about! Besides, I already crossed the line with the snot stuff! smile

Such exciting stuff. ha.

So, the first thing I saw as we flew into America was snow. Sigh. Such a beautiful sight. However, I quickly realized “cold” and I’m not sure I’m ready for it! It is positively frigid here!

Other things that have been fun to reaquaint myself with have been ordering water in restaurants and getting it in a glass. The water in Kuwait is horrid. You almost feel gross showering in it! Everytime you ask for water it comes in a bottle. I’ve been such a dork. I keep filling my glass with water from the sink in our hotel and obsessing over how “totally great“ it is. I know Will is annoyed. smile Another thing we’ve had fun with is commercials! I used to hate them, but I have loved watching them! I flip through the channels to find commercials now! What a goof.

We drove around a little Thursday and found the MOA. We also stopped by Walgreens so I could get some of those hand warmer things… and Head and Shoulders. With the intense weather change I had the feeling I would be creating my own snow if I wasn’t careful. Again… why did I just tell you that? I guess I count you as friends by now, so I’m just letting it fly.

After that we ate at our first American restaurant (even though there are plenty in Kuwait): Don Pablos! I really thought I got my 2nd wind after that. We were both dead tired all day, but after leaving the restaurant I thought I had some new found energy. Boy was I wrong! I did 100 jumping jacks and was acting totally goofy and strange after dinner. I was getting ready to finish my indoor exercise regimine when I told Will I was just going to rest on the bed. Ha. That was at 6:30 and I didn’t wake again until 6:30 the next morning.

Yesterday was shopping day! It was too great. The only problem is that I’m worried about how we are going to squeeze everything into our bags! there is no way it is all going to fit. We can send a box to Kwuait once we get home, but we are still going to have to figure out a way to get form Minneapolis to Ok! That is my predicament right now! Anyway, we had lots of fun. My feet hurt from all the walking! Will and I decided that this year we would agree on an amount and spend however we wanted. That would be our Christmas presents to eachother. Since that isn’t that too Christmasy, we also agreed on a $50 limit to surprise eachother with a little gift, that way we still had something to open on Christmas. I had fun spending my Christmas money yesterday! I miss stores in America. Everything in Kuwait is so ridiculously overpriced. For example, my mom got me and my sister matching Tiffany necklaces for Christmas that were $100, but in Kuwait they were 110 KD which is almost $400! How crazy is that!? Anyway, I had so much fun getting more bang for my buck over here. I got to hit all my favorite stores, so that was the best.

We had Rain Forest Cafe for lunch, which was so fun! After that we made a trip to our rental car to drop off some bags and get ready for round two!

I was a little dissapointed because Will didn’t buy much at all, especially clothes which he really needs. Apparently he wants to spend his money on football cards. I guess I can’t tell him how to spend his money! As much as I’d like to see him get some new clothes, he really wants these cards, so I guess cards it is! He was so great yesterday, patiently waiting as I went from store to store, never complaining one bit for having to wait on me. It was truly an enjoyable day.

After shopping we headed back to the hotel and again were out early. I think it must have been around 8:00 when I went to sleep! smile

Well, it is currently 8:30 here and I am getting ready to prepare for the day, pack up, and head off! smile I think we’re going to stop by the Cheesecake factory for lunch (don’t worry, I’ll eat a terrible piece for you guys). From there we are Wisconsin bound!! smile

I had so much to write about and I know I’m leaving lots out, but I tried my best! smile So far, so good! I’m sure I’ll check in soon.

Ahhh, it’s so good to be home. I love America so much more now.

Have a wonderful weekend! I lov eyou guys!

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