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I am done with school forever. Had I known it would have been two years of pain, time, and stupidity I might have reconsidered. Thankfully I do not have the option to reconsider because I did it, and it is done. Forever.

You know, I don’t know if I’ll ever look back and be all, “Geez! I sure am glad I handcuffed myself to a laptop for two years for a big shiny master’s degree most people I’m competing for jobs against have too!” It’s funny, I’m pretty sure everyone is more excited about the whole thing than I am. Maybe it will hit me once I remove myself from all the pain.

Right now I just want to do nothing. I want to sit in front of the TV without this stupid computer on my lap and just watch TV. Mindlessly. For like an hour. Heck, maybe two.

It’s getting crazy over here ya’ll.

Anyway, in addition to mindlessly watching TV, I also have a long list of “to do” items that I have been putting off for ages. I’m pretty sure blogg is on that list. So let’s put a nice, big check mark right next to that one. Done!

I’m watching the Olympics. Anyone else? Four years ago, P and I were actually in Olympia. My how have things changed!


I honestly can’t remember watching this much Olympics pretty much ever. I don’t even remember it being on, oh, ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Has it always been on TV for pretty much 20 hours a day? I don’t remember. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Trampoline-ing? Bring it. Women’s walking? Love it. Curling? Biggest fan.

Okay, so maybe I am being a tad sarcastic. I haven’t gotten into all the sports, but I am definitely enjoying the primetime ones they show every night.

I have also come to have a bigger appreciation of just how freaking hard it is to be an Olympian in my old age. How do these people even do the amazing things they do with their bodies? A million flips while diving into water? Flips on a balance beam? Seriously. Amazing.

It pretty much just makes me feel old and fat, and motivates me more in the gym. Seriously, the legs on some of these women are pretty much crazy hot, and some of them have even had children. Children. I suppose their job is to be fit, so I can’t be too hard on myself. My job is to stare at a computer for ten hours a day. Really, that’s what I do. Sometimes, if I’m really good, I get to answer the phone. But only in extreme circumstances.

Maybe they should have a work Olympics? Like the “Who can make the most Xerox copies” game,

Or the “Who the hell can figure out how to use the office’s 1997 fax machine” match.

Oh yeah, I’d tear that event up!


Thoughts on bringing this up in the next social club meeting?

I at least feel like maybe I should be doing something when I’m watching the Olympics, right? I mean, here I am, just served Will pudding, I’m sitting on the couch watching beach volleyball. Jumping, digging, sprinting. I’m pretty much just sitting here. I mean, I will occasionally shift a little to allow Boz to nudge closer to me, but I’m defintiely not doing anything spectacular.

Let’s all pledge to be the most spectacular, gold-medal quality coffee-makers tomorrow. Ready? Go! 

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