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Getting Ready For The Big Day

The weekend was nice. Actually, it was just “okay.” I was caught up doing homework and getting everything ready for my surgery. I am convinced I need to write out a detailed, numbered instruction sheet for Will on How to Wash Laundry, and How to Load the Dishwasher. Bless his heart, I know he thinks he is helping when he rinses the dishes, but I think he may be unaware that they don’t just “jump” into the dishwasher on their own… hopefully I won’t have a pile of rinsed dishes to place in the washer when I get home.

My big surgery “debut” will be tomorrow at 8:00. I am getting really nervous! I mean, I know the worst part of it will be the recovery, but I am still nervous about getting in a gown and getting an IV and everything else! Yikes! I am just glad that I will be too drugged up to remember anything afterwards.

So I am hearing this terrible rumor that I am going to have to wear these incredibly embarassing shoes afterwards for like 6 weeks. There is no way. Call me stupid or superficial if you want, but there is no way I am wearing these duckbill shoes for a month to school and work. I will hobble around in something, just not those PLEASE!  I guess I better see how my feet feel after everything is done before I go running my mouth about “never wearing those embarrasing shoes!“ Anybody have to wear these? I guess this surgery is common in women because we wear terrible, uncomfortable shoes on a constant basis… just because it completes our outfit.. without ever thinking of their practicality, or taking into consideration comfort.  I think it was Marilyn Monroe who said something like she wanted to hug the man who invented the high heel… sorry Marilyn… I love ya… but you could not be more wrong in this situation.

So anyway, that’s about all that is going on today. After my internship I am going to pick up our big wedding picture we finally got framed! I can’t wait to see it!

Have a good evening!!

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