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Frozen Tundra Bound (and no, we’re not painting out chests!)

Good afternoon, morning or whatever other day word you would like to insert. Finally the weekend for us!

Well I got a little bite about a possible job, which was really encouraging but I haven’t heard anything since yesterday. We’ll see. I don’t want to get all excited about something that may not pan out, but at least I’ve heard something. I am hoping this guy will call me today with some more information, so I’ll keep you all updated.

On to the fun and exciting stuff (yes, I finally have something in my life that deals with the words fun and exciting, can you believe it!?)!

Will is a HUGE sports fan. He is already making trades with his online fantasy league to get ready for something that doesn’t even start until September. Its amazing- when I want to discuss things that deal with the future, he claims I’m guilty of looking too far ahead and worrying about things that are a while away, yet when it comes to fantasy football, “you have to start getting ready early! No one ever got ahead just standing around and not preparing, Britt.” Wow. Such wonderful life lessons from fantasy football. If only I could get him to apply that to everything else. smile

Well, anyway, Will and I are SUPER excited today! Hes a huge Brett Farve fan (what football guy isn’t? I once had the most homophobic guy I know say he would totally marry the man), and this is most likely his last season in the NFL. Will and I have been talking about flying into Wisconsin and making a quick trip to a game on our way home during Christmas.

Will has been avidly looking for tickets on ebay, and yesterday he found a pair for the December 11 game against the Detroit Lions. He called me, we talked about it and decided to bid. The best part was that they were on the 50 yard line- you can’t get any more awesome seats than that right!? We were totally excited about them, but realized that there would be a good chance that we’d get outbid and the price would skyrocket. We talked about it some more and decided it wasn’t going to be worth spending our unnborn and yet to be considered child’s nonexistent college fund, so we decided we would just type in our highest bid and log off and not look until morning. If we got up in the morning and won, we would be totally excited, but if not, we would find other tickets anyway.

All evening Will was so giddy. He was trying to downplay it and not act like he was totally excited about seeing Brett Farve play on the 50 yard like during the snow storm of the century, but I knew he was. So, my heart was running over just seeing how estatic he was about these tickets, so after he went to bed I thought I would do some sleuth work.

I thought I would get on and check to see where the bidding was at and if we were going to get the tickets. If we weren’t, I thought I would up our bid a little. I think Will would have thanked me later. Its better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right? (I’m just kidding) smile

So I got on ebay and tried to log Will in, but that goof changed his password because he knew I would try to get on and secure the tickets. Such a smart man. I went to bed last night with the feeling that we were going to get them and hoped I would be right. Will called me this morning from work to tell me that we officially have plans for December 11! We will be joining the other crazy cheese heads and Farve fanatics in the frozen tundra for a great game!

So, that is my fun and exciting news!

Today is Will’s living expense check day, which means we are getting a night on the town… with my parents. smile He told me he was going to take me on a date this weekend- all alone, no parents, no sister, just Will and Brittny, so that is something totally to look forward to. This will be our first alone date since we’ve been here. Its so funny, most people have kids when they talk about this stuff, instead I’m talking about my parents inturrupting us, and not a baby. smile

Guess that is about it for now. More to come…


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