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Friday Favorites

Capital Kings: I Feel So Alive


Seriously- go buy this song for your next workout.

It is so uplifting and true! I mentioned in a past post that I’ve struggled with what I listen to during my workouts, and this song has been such a great replacement for my typical music.

Plus it’s got a trance-y feel which I love during cardio.



I’m slightly overwhelmed with the pumpkin-ness in the world these days.

It’s like my sensory skills drank a pack of Red Bulls, went out to a pumpkin patch and started envisioning all sorts of crazy things like M&Ms and creamers, and even face masks.

Only they are not imagined.

They are real things.

Yes, pumpkin M&Ms are REAL THINGS.


Anyway, loving the pumpkin-ness of fall.

While we’re discussing food, let’s talk about grapes.

And how delicious they are.

Grapes on the way to TX

I’m sure you all know this by now, but I hadn’t had grapes in a while, and holy cow! They’re like so great.

Yes, clearly I don’t get out much.

The Crazy Ones.


Please tell me you’ve watched it?

We don’t watch a ton of comedies but added this one and the Goldbergs to our fall lineup.

Will is a Robin Williams fan, so he totally loved it from the get-go. I found it really entertaining, too.

Oh, and please tell me when you see Sarah Michelle Gellar you think about Buffy the Vampire Slayer too?

Phase 1 Insanity
Lately I’ve been doing my own boot camp workouts (um, because they totally kick my butt!), however this week I went back to doing a few Insanity Phase One workouts to change it up on cardio days. I seriously like those workouts. They are so tough but also so fast! I am much better about doing those than riding an elliptical for 45 minutes.

Favorite Pic of the week:


Um, angel pouty lips. I love that baby so much.

Favorite event this weekend:
An OU-away game.

Sometimes watching the game from the the comfort of your own house with good snacks nearby is such a treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love game days, but we’ve been on the road a lot this season with the Sooners!

I’m also excited about going to Life Church with P! She is going to give it a try this week! I pray it blesses her like it has blessed me.

And don’t forget you can watch online!

So that’s it for me! Anything you’re loving right now I should know about?

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