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Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #2


If you tried last week’s football shuffle workout, I’ve gotta know- were your legs on fire the entire time like mine were!?


What was I thinking putting so many darn shuffles in that workout!? Even our football boys would have cursed my name.

I had fun sharing a football inspired workout, and decided I am going to share a few more workouts this month straight up inspired by my boys on the field.

This week’s is a little less…shuffle-y.

And hopefully your legs will not want to fall off afterward (or during for that matter! I thought I might die!).

However, it’s not easy! So get that out of your mind!

Today? We’re talking toe touches.

And not the cheerleader kind.

Dear Lord help us.

The thought of me doing that kind of toe touch?


I’m talking football walking toe touches. Like these:

Hey- don’t knock the video job, okay? It was hot, and I was sweaty, and not my best.

Anyway, sometimes I will remain stationary and do these holding a barbell, like a straight leg deadlift, because guess what?

They’re a very effective way to target glutes and hamstrings. Not only that, but they also work your core and balance.

Even if you’re not in the gym or have barbells handy, this exercise is an excellent way to strengthen your core, balance, and legs.

So let’s get a move on! These legs aren’t going to sculpt themselves.

-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
-20 Stance jacks
-10 Wide arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
-20 Cross jacks-10 Narrow Arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
- 20 Straight Arm Jumping Jacks
- 10 Staggered Arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)

Repeat 5 times

Give it a try! I will be tomorrow. smile

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