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Food Lately

Sooo, posting my food is not fun.

What was I thinking!?

You’re seeing everything.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

I suppose that’s the point.

This wasn’t a stellar week.

My protein intake wasn’t all that great, and we ate out a little more than usual.

I forgot to take pictures a few times, but this week is definitely more comprehensive than last.

I pretty much eat the exact same thing for breakfast, lunches, and snacks during the work week, so I took a picture once and left it at that (hence limited pictures).

Enough chatter! Let’s eat.

Okay. So there are no pictures.

I got on this morning to make sure my post loaded and no food was there!


Trust me, that didn’t mean I never ate. Ha!

I’m not sure what happened. When I loaded my post everything was there, even down to the adorable onsie baby shower cookie I ate.

Now it’s not.

I’ll try to get this loaded up today, but no promises.

If not, next week will be a super long two week post.

I’m sorry guys! I’m annoyed all my copying, pasting, and commentary didn’t make it in. Bummer.

At least it’s not Monday.

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