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Fall Favorites: Mashed Sweet Potatoes!

I have no idea why I waited all the way until today to share one of my favorite all-time comfort foods.

We should know by now common sense is not always my strong point I like to go against the grain sometimes.

This recipe combines my affection for mashed potatoes into a slightly healthier alternative.

Here’s what you need:

-1 lb sweet potatoes, washed, peeled, and chopped
-3/4 cup almond milk
-2 TBSP butter
-1 tsp cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice
-1 tsp vanilla
-1 tsp salt

Here’s what you do:

-Boil your potatoes at a until tender, about 12-15 minutes

-Drain, and then dump them into your food processor.

This is the easiest recipe ever.. normally.

Sooo- I went to make this recipe and guess what?

My food processor did not work.


I seriously rely on that thing for everything.


I was nearly hyperventilating. I don’t understand! It turns on… it just won’t “go.”


So, after making my potatoes, I had to decide whether I was going to use this teeny processor?


Um, painstaking.

Or do it the old fashioned way:

By hand.

Um, who does that?

I do.

For that reason, I knew I need to channel my inner Donna Reed.

The cute apron immediately came on.

Oh… I don’t even have a “masher.”


So- in a perfect world you would pulse the potatoes until they were soft and “mashed,” and then add in the other ingredients and give them a good blitz until they are smooth and perfect.

Um, how incredibly easy is that!?!


But that was not my reality.

So- I just took my spoon and smushed (and smushed and smushed) and made my potatoes nice, soft, and lump-free.


It was fun.

I’m lying.

I then added the other ingredients and blended (er, mixed) until perfect.

mashed sweet potatoes

At this point, you can taste and maybe you want to add a little more salt, or butter, or cinnamon… or whatever.

Do it.

Then top with a little more cinnamon to make them all beautiful and Thanksgiving-y and serve!


I guess I know what’s going on my Christmas list: Food processor hmmm

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