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Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

I gave my first presentation at the new job last week.

I have undergrad and graduate degrees in communication. I’ve had to speak in front of others lots of times.

I don’t know why, but for some reason all the moments leading up to this one gave me some serious anxiety.

Probably because I’m still the new girl and wanted to do a fantastic job and know everything about a place where I’ve only been a few months.

For that reason, I added extra pressure on myself.

The day of the presentation, my mind was focused on that meeting and nothing else.

I spent some quiet time with God, praying and reading his word but was so distracted.

“Why bother,” I thought to myself.

I became increasingly frustrated trying to get something out of my Bible study while having other things swirling around in my mind.

In total transparency I cried out to God and told him how distracted I felt. I said, “Please just help me through this presentation so I can get my focus back on You.”

I immediately stopped.

That was my problem.

My focus was diverted. I took my eyes off what was truly important and affixed them on something else.

I realize a presentation is minor in today’s example, and unfortunately I can also say I’ve done this very thing with much bigger things in my life.

However big or small the issue, taking our eyes off Jesus, even for a moment, makes us vulnerable.

As I sat there in the reality of what I just said, I started thinking about how I desperately I need Jesus to be Lord of my life, even in the small things like presentations.

This isn’t a new lesson. I know it very well. However, it’s an important one.

One of daily surrender.

One to be continually mindful of.

1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us that in whatever we do, we should do it to honor God and bring Him glory.


Whatever we do.

Whether it’s sitting in church, sipping coffee with friends, or preparing for a presentation, it should glorify God.

Colossians tells us to work wholeheartedly as if to please God and not men.


Even things that seem small like presentations, putting a bandaid on our kid’s skinned knee, or going the extra mile to make someone new feel welcome can all be done as an act of worship to God if we have the right mindset.

The key is to keep our eyes on Him.

I know.

Easier said than done sometimes, right?

As I thought about what I had just prayed, the scriptures I shared with you came to mind.

I felt empowered, and refocused my mind on my first love.

I asked for his grace and mercy to help me keep my eyes on him.

I prayed my presentation, while totally void of anything related to God on the surface, would please Him because of my heart attitude and the fact that whatever I do, it should be an act that glorifies God.

He’s got me here for a reason, and I want to walk in Him. Even when they seem like small things (small things that I’ve made out to be big things!).

What about you?

Where’s your head at?

I ask in love, mainly because most of my life has been distracted by such temporary things.

Set your mind on things above, friend, not on earthly things.

I realize we have plenty of immediate things that require our attention, like families, jobs, and that pesky to do lost that seems to get longer instead of shorter.

However, remember to do all things in an attitude of glory to God.

If you don’t have a relationship with God (real life. You can actually have a relationship with Him), shoot me a note or click here. ❤️

Alright friends. Happy Friday. I have a busy weekend ahead. Hoping yours is full of fun!

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