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El Roi

Happy Friday, dears!

This month, I decided to spend Fridays sharing some of God’s names.


Yes, I realize we call God, “God,” however the Bible is rich with other beautiful and powerful names of God, too.

In fact, it would probably take us over a year to cover them if we started down the path!

Let’s just start with today.

I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure back in the 80s, McDonald’s used to sell their Happy Meals in these little plastic jack-o-lanterns at the end of October.

Am I making this up?

As a kid, I remember having one lying around and catching a caterpillar in it.

Which, looking back, is absolutely hilarious considering I’d never in a million years be willing to do something like that today.

(As an aside, perhaps I need to be braver and channel my younger self in some elements of my life.)

Anyway, I caught a caterpillar and my parents helped me care for it. I fed it leaves and poked holes in the top of the lid to watch its transformation.

Even today, it boggles me how a crawly, fuzzy, creature can become a magnificently decorated butterfly.

Eagerly and impatiently, I would stare deep into the holes, cheering the caterpillar on, expectantly waiting for the transformation.

Much to my disappointment, it took longer than I wanted.

It was such a beautiful and majestic event when it finally did spring forth in its final state, and worth the wait.

I tell this story because I can’t help but think about the transformation God sees before his holy eyes when we start to live for Him.

In a way, we’re these crawly caterpillars doing life, when we could be vibrant butterflies.

When we allow God to work in us, we become more of the masterpiece he created us to be.

He transforms us. He changes us.

He sees what we can be through him and allows us to, “soar with wings as eagles” (or perhaps butterflies in this metaphor 😊).

He sees us as we are.

He sees our weaknesses.

He sees our doubts.

He sees our fears.

He sees our hopes and dreams.

He sees our hurts.

He sees our beauty.

He sees.

There is a touching story in Genesis when God sees the writhing heartbreak of a woman named Hagar caught in the middle of a sticky situation.

She was a maidservant to Sarai, who gave Hagar over to her husband Abram to bear a child, as Sarai couldn’t have one on her own.

Only, once Hagar conceived, Sarai despised her and treated her terribly.

Understandably, Hagar couldn’t bear the harshness and probably worried for her baby.

She ran away.

But God saw.

And he blessed in a way only he could provide and made such firm promises to her.

I imagine Hagar, with a face soaked in matted hair and tears, crying out to God for his provision as she tells him he is the God who saw her deep hurts.

El Roi.

(For my fellow Okies, we pronounce this, El-Raw-EE)

He is the God who sees us.

He feels our hurts and sees us as we are.

Have you ever felt broken hearted and alone? Like no one could ever understand how you feel?

Like you wanted to run away?

I have good news. We have a God who knows, and who sees.

El Roi

If we let Him, He transforms us before our very eyes into the godly creatures we are made to be when we let him nurture and grow us.

He can heal hurts, doubts, and fears- because even if no one else sees them, He knows they’re there.

He does this by giving us what we need, through the power of his spirit.

It’s a process. It usually doesn’t happen overnight.

The God who sees us begins to disarm and rearrange us, gently and carefully.

As we let our guard down, he cocoons us in his loving arms and gives a whole new life.

We may start out as fuzzy caterpillars, but when we trust Jesus, we sure don’t end up that way.

The old goes away and become new creations.

He sees us.

I pray we open our hearts to our El Roi this year, and let him work in a way only He can.


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