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Check out John 6.


Are we content with five loaves and two fish?

I think so.

We’re “feasting” on crumbs when God wants to multiply, share, and do so very much more in our lives.

I watch many of my brothers and sisters who rely heavily on church leaders, and authors, and speakers to guide their spiritual walks.

These people are good. Praise God for how they have ministered to my own spiritual walk.

But they’re not Jesus.

They didn’t die for us so that we may live. They didn’t conquer the grave or know us before we were even born.

We want the two minute, Cliff’s notes theology when we could truly be knowing, intimately knowing, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Are we settling for crumbs, thinking we have plenty? Thinking we have enough?

There’s more friends, so much more.


If we would place our lives, our hearts, in the hands Jesus we would see just how far these “loaves” can go.

He can do infinitely more in our relationship with Him when He’s the center; not a preacher, self-help spiritual book, or anything else.

Again, those things are certainly helpful, but they should be in addition to our personal intimate relationship with Jesus, not in place of.

Go to the Source, the Well, the Living Water. The Bread of Life.

He declares himself as such for a reason.

We’re settling for crumbs.

How often are we digging deep into scripture?

On our face in prayer?

Fasting for the lost?

Do we know the heart of Jesus for ourselves, or do we rely on others to tell us about Him?

Oh friends our God, our great God, wants to do so much more.

He wants to take our lives and bring Himself glory.

That means knowing Him. Watching Him take the loaves and fish of our lives and do as He pleases.

It means no more settling for enough, or being spoon fed by others.

It means graduation from spiritual milk to actual meat.


To love Him enough to put in the time and effort to seek Him.

The Bible tells us He rewards those who earnestly and diligently seek Him. Him!


When we have forgotten it’s all about HIM, not us?

I can only imagine what He might do with a handful of His servants who are yielded that He may multiply their offering for His glory.

No more settling.

No more crumbs.

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