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Driving Miss Daisy (I’m Driving Will Crazy)

Will’s last day of work was yesterday.

Yep. The guy is officially a house-husband, but don’t get any visions of fresh baked cookies or newly painted walls. Will? Yeah, he’s not exactly into such things.


Anyhow- along with not renewing his contract come a whole host of potential arguments inconveniences- such as no longer being able to drive a company car.

You wouldn’t think driving would be a big issue between husband and wife.

Ha- who am I kidding!? Driving has been an issue since day one. You don’t think Adam had a lead foot as they road out of Eden?

“Adam! Slow down! Don’t make me stop this camel!”

“Cleopatra you MUST properly signal while driving this chariot! Do you know what people must think of me,Caesar, when they see the way you recklessly drive?”

Yeah- driving has been an issue among the ages.

See, Will is the driver of the marriage. Whenever we go somewhere, Will is behind the wheel. Now, however, it’s me behind the wheel, and well, let’s just say Adam and Eve have nothing on us.

We went out last night to celebrate a few things in our lives (namely Will’s contract completion and my sister’s college acceptance letter) which required me to drive in extremely heavy traffic to our destination. Have I told you Kuwait is one of the most dangerous places to drive? Lovely.

Prior to arriving, we made a pit stop at the movie store. After our stop, Will thought it best to take a “short cut” to avoid the Gulf Road traffic.


This little short cut was not only filled with last minute, “Turn there!” comments as I passed by the exit, and “You need to give me time!” responses.

Not only that, but this “short cut” actually put us farther away from the destination! So then we had to take another “short cut.”

Repeat above conversation.

Times 5.

Oh guys- it was fun.


“You’re such a bad driver.”

“Well you better get used to it because I’m the driver now!

That’s right Will, I’m, the driver.”

Oh wow- I only wish there were a video camera to capture last night’s events. Let’s pray that Will never breaks his right foot. We’d be in trouble friends.

I know I’ve said this a thousand times- but I really mean it: Will and I could absolutely never ever go on The Amazing Race.


Despite the constant bickering to and from dinner we had a great night. I posted a few pictures on my Flickr. My camera’s battery was low so sadly, they didn’t turn out very well.

Oh and I posted some pics of the old apartment. Excuse the mess- we were moving.

Have a lovely weekend! More crazy driving arguments to come- I’m certain…

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