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Deep Cleaning (Heart Matters ❤️)

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning at the B-Love house lately.

Seriously. The stuff we’ve hung onto is ridiculous!

Because we might need it. Ha

You should see the fashion gems that have been hiding out in our closet.

We have a long way to go, but this initial deep cleaning feels good even still.

My home purge got me thinking about how cathartic the whole cleaning process can really be.

Not just for our house and tangible things, but also our heart.

Have you ever been around a bitter person?

Not much fun, is it?

Sometimes bitterness or hatred is outwardly visible.

However, sometimes it remains silent, deep in our core and being.

Gnawing away at us and preventing us from true peace.

Today I want to talk about cleaning house in our hearts.

Has someone ever wronged you?

I’m pretty sure the universal answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

It hurts.

Sometimes it makes us burn with anger.

Sometimes it might prompt us to want to equal the score.

Sometimes it keeps us up at night.

Sometimes it unintentionally gets projected onto those we love.

Sometimes it makes us ugly cry in the shower so the tears get washed away with the water and no one can see.

When people hurt us, it has the ability to evoke a lot of different feelings and responses.

Perhaps we are completely in the right, too.

That’s when it seems to hurt the most.

Wow. This stinks. So what now?

What if we got crazy?

I mean absolutely radical.

What if we decided to throw away all those feelings of bitterness, hatred, and ill-will toward the person who wronged us?

Do you think I’m off my rocker?

I get it.

But humor me for a moment.

I don’t know about you, but there have been times I’ve felt grossly mistreated by others to the point where I’ve felt physically sick.

I’ve allowed someone else’s actions, that I cannot control, completely turn my world upside down.


Real life.

And you know what seemed to shock me all the more?

The fact that the person who wronged me couldn’t care less about it.

This reality seemed to fuel my bitterness, when in reality, it should be the very thing that helps me clean house. Why am I keeping myself up at night and making myself sick over a person I can’t even change or control?

Even still, regardless of the other person, let’s take a look inward at our heart for a moment.

When I do this, I’m hurting myself more than the other person

The Bible commands us to forgive. When we harbor these feelings against someone, it hinders our ability to have a full heart focused on knowing Him and loving others.

We need to get rid if this junk. For us.

I need to do it for my healing, not theirs. I cannot control what they do, but I can control my own heart’s actions.

“Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. (1 Peter 2:1 NIV)

I realize I’m making all this stuff sound easy. Ha, if only right?

I speak from experience. In fact, I’m dealing with this situation even now!

So how do we clean house in our hearts and get rid of these life-sucking feelings?

Let’s talk about it.

1. Pray with an honest heart.

Tell God how you feel.

Tell Him your heart aches.

Trust me, He’s big enough to take it.

Tell Him why you hurt.

Tell Him how stinkin’ mad you are.

He cares.

Plus, He already knows, so why hide it?

2. Pray for healing.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, ask for God to heal your heart.

Pray scripture and ask Him to rid our hearts of malice and bitterness like only He can do.

He will do it.

We need to daily surrender our hearts over to Him and ask him to do a healing work. He is the great physician able to make all things new. Even our hearts full of baggage. 

In facts, He tells us to fast our burdens on Him because he cares for us.

Trust me, if He can carry mine, He can carry yours.

3. Pray for the person who wronged you.

And that doesn’t mean praying they have a lifetime of acne, either!

Whisper a prayer of blessing for that person.

Even if all you can muster right now is a short, Bless them.”

As hard as it might be at first, I can promise you eventually you will be the one blessed and healed by this prayer.

4. Forgive

Make the decision to forgive, and ask God to really help you to do it.


5. Say you’re sorry

Sometimes, when your heart is soft and full of forgiveness, you’ll realize perhaps you were in the wrong.

If that’s the case, be brave and say so. Apologize and seek forgiveness.

The other person may not be in the same place as you and may be unwilling to accept your apology, and that is on them. All you can do is what you know in your heart to be right, and it will be blessed and give you freedom.

I’m dealing a little with this very topic myself. I know others probably are too, so I felt compared to share today.

I’m praying for the person, and praying the Lord would give me a heart for forgiveness.

So now it’s your turn. Have you ever allowed these feelings to keep you up or gnaw away at your joy? How have you handled it?

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