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December 2014 Ipsy Review

Please tell me you’re done Christmas shopping.

That you’re not bundling up today to brave the crowds, fight for a parking spot, and pry the last Elsa doll out of a senior citizen’s cold, frail hands.

For both our sakes, I hope you’re done.

If you’re not, I’m sharing my Ipsy today. It might provide some last minute inspiration for the gal in your life.

If you are done shopping, this Ipsy loot may give you some ideas for ways to spend a gift card you might have gotten.

Let’s look inside!


Check out this Big Sexy Hair 450 degree blow out spray.


This stuff smells absolutely fantastic.


Not only does it smell like a dream, but I really do think it helps protect against heat damage. Win-win.

I also got this Beauty Without Cruelty 3% AHA face wash.


I’ve never heard of this brand and was excited to try it.

This wash starts as a gel but lathers nicely and definitely did help remove dullness. I gave it a try at the height of being sick, so that was a good test. smile

I did some checking, and turns out this brand had tons of products and they’re all inexpensive!

Definitely a good stocking stuffer for the health nut in your life.

I also got this NYX lip butter in Marshmallow.


I’ve loved every single NYX product received through Ipsy.

This stuff smells like a sweet marshmallow-y dream.

It’s also very hydrating.

Unfortunately color of the balm is the exact same color as the container, which looks awful on my pale skin.

This is the perfect treat to wear around the house or before bedtime. Definitely not out and about.

Another mascara sample! I don’t think I’ll have to buy mascara at all next year. I still have a full size and two more samples from past Ipsys.

Here’s a look at the wand.


It’s a nice, rich black and I’m excited not to have to buy mascara for awhile. smile

Finally, another stellar last minute stocking stuffer idea for the girls in your life.

Caylin Just Mineral Eye Polish in Wild Orchid.



This stuff is so neat!

It’s packaged like a nail polish. When you pull out what you think is going to be a brush, it’s actually a sponge-y wand that helps everything glide and adhere where you want it.

I must say though, it’s staying power isn’t as great as I hoped.

Still beautiful though.

Such a beautiful color and shimmer.

I don’t need to tell you (again) how much I love sparkle.

This bag was a complete winner!

It was like an early Christmas gift to myself. smile

Merry merry Christmas Eve Eve, dears! 

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