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An Open, Fragrant Letter

If I had to sum up my life in a few sentences, sometimes I feel I would simply say the following:

Get up,


get ready,

sit behind a desk and push papers all day,

come home,

keep up with housework,

make dinner,

watch TV,

go to sleep,


Granted, that’s not all I do. I do other things, too, but hopefully you get what I’m saying.

Sometimes, it feels I’m on this big hamster wheel on autopilot. Doing the same thing over and over while life goes by.

I feel like what I do isn’t big.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like what I do is kind of a waste in the grand scheme of eternity.

Maybe you’ve been there, too.

Praise God, I have good news for us today:


In one of Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he reminds them of something we all need to hear-

What you’re doing, if done for God, is an act of worship to Him. Not only that, but there’s a good chance we’re being more of a light than we realize.


We are a letter from Christ for all the world to read.

Some people in our sphere, be it work, the gym, or our kid’s school, may never thumb through a Bible.

What kind of letter from Christ are we sharing with them?

My desk job may not seem so important in the grand scheme of eternity, but when a coworker asks for prayer, it blesses me. It reminds me that people watch what we as Christians do and say.


I pray we are a letter that reads Christ to others, and a light to the world. Even when we don’t feel like we are, we might be illuminating more spaces than we realize.

Just the other day I told Will I didn’t want to look back and regret my whole life and feel like I didn’t do enough kingdom work.

(And yes, I was being a bit dramatic with the whole “regret my whole life” bit)

He quickly reminded me of many stories I’ve shared throughout the years that suggest otherwise.

That demonstrate my desk job probably touches more that just papers.

I also thought about others who were a letter from Christ to me in unsuspecting places and times.

Guys, just because we are not foreign missionaries does not mean we aren’t a letter to the world.

Maybe you don’t struggle with this issue, but I sure do. I need continual reminders. 

The lives we lead are a sweet perfume that diffuses right up to God himself and throughout the lives of others around us.


I pray this fragrance is pleasant, and not dreadful.

One of love and grace.

May we live out a life of purpose- loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Whether it’s rocking a baby, pushing paper, or grocery shopping, may we be a sweet, fragrant letter of God’s love to those around us.


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