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WIOW: Fall Football Fitness Goals!


Alright friends, I’m gonna put it all out there today.

My diet the last few weeks has been straight up poor.


Sure I’ve had lots of daily healthy choice moments, but I’m sure you can tell I’ve also been living it up by all the recent pictures I’ve posted.

Sleepover party

From cake, to pie, to free dessert, to delicious pizza, and football food, I had to give myself a reality check last weekend.

I was so proud I had the willpower not to order cheesecake. Aaaand then they took a long time and I was super nice about it and they threw in an extra piece for my kindness. Dead.

Real life.

I think it happens to many of us.

For some, it’s the holidays, others the bitter cold hibernation months.

For me it’s fall.

Football season ushers in a whole season of junky foods and unhealthy options.

After all these years, I’ve learned to plan ahead and conquer the game. However, I got off to a slow start the last couple weeks and I’ve had to mentally grab myself by the shoulders and give myself the game winning coaches speech.

Which brings me to today.

Today I’m sharing my fall football fitness goals.

What a mouthful.

Let’s just go with it.

A few are new, but most are things I’ve always done in the past but have been slow to do this season.

Perhaps some of these will inspire you to forge your own fall fitness goals.

If anything, posting these will help me meet mine!

Without further ado, here’s my plan to stay on track this football season.

Fall Football Fitness Goals

Stay consistent with my usual 5 workouts per week, but also add in 2-3 cardio sessions of 20-30 minutes each depending on my work schedule.

I typically only do weights in the gym, so adding in some cardio will do me good and fend off football fatty food gain.

I need more cardio, and football season gives me more motivation.

Keep diet, calories, & macros in check

I always plan meals in advance, but I’m liable to snack or indulge more during football season.

I want to stay consistent withy my usual routine, placing appropriate emphasis on carbs, protein, and far. That takes more planning and intentionality during football season.

The key is planning ahead, planning for unexpected temptations, and picking and choosing.

With that said, I gotta live my life, which leads to the next goal.

Allow flex calories throughout the week.

Sooo- confession time.

While I definitely do not recommend this for everyone, I often give myself flex calories each week during various times of the year.

Again, that isn’t for everyone, but I find it’s done huge things for me mentally in trying to eat healthy full-time.

I find I binge less and eat less super indulgent cheat meals when I give myself the leeway to treat myself in tiny ways throughout the whole week versus one giant junky meal during the weekend.


I rarely ever do big “cheat meals” once a week when I flex because I’ve found that, for me, it works better to disperse those set aside calories across a few different days during the week during seasons of indulgence.

Again- not for everyone, but it definitely helps my psyche and prevents junk food nightmares.

Whew. Sorry for the long explanation. I felt like I had to explain a little.

Perhaps I can go into greater depth in a future post.

Anyway, instead of having a greasy 900 calorie meal in one sitting, I’m instituting a predetermined amount of flex calories throughout the week to disperse at my discretion depending on what’s going on.

Whether it’s Monday night football, or college game day, giving myself a little flexibility helps keep me honest and realistic.

Plus it also allows me to enjoy my favorite football foods without overdoing it all at once.

Aaand factoring these in ahead of time also helps me to plan ahead and still achieve my calorie/macro goals.

Eat fair food and not feel guilty

During the fair, I usually bring my own food and choose one treat to enjoy rather than a smorgasbord of junk.

Same this year.

I’ll bring my own food but pick one treat and have no food guilt after.

Incorporate at least two strolls around the block each week

I realize two walks seem pathetic. I could say more, but I would be lying to both of us.

My new work schedule makes for short and busy, evenings and early mornings. I’m good just to stay on track with my usual workouts.

Two extra walks are achievable and a good bonus exercise.  The fresh fall air will be wonderful, and will give me the chance to unwind, pray, and clear my mind at the end of each day.

So there you have it, my fit friends. This was a long post!

What are your current fitness goals? Is there a certain time that’s more challenging than others? Are you interested in hearing more about my crazy diet flexing briefly mentioned above?

Let me know what you think, and here’s to both of us staying on track this fall.

It felt good to get these out and “on paper.” I feel better already. Here’s to a successful and healthy football season! 

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