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WIOW: All About Metabolisims

Since we talked 30s yesterday, I thought we’d carry it into today, too.

Let’s talk metabolism, gals.

And how it’s not getting any faster as we age.

In fact, quite the opposite! Some researchers suggest the average person’s metabolism can slow by 1% a year after 30 (Gannet).

Not only that, many of us sit behind a desk all day, have kids, commute forever, and eat on the go.

Many of us aren’t as active as we used to be, but our lifestyles haven’t changed to accommodate.

We eat the same way we did when we were 22, but move far less.


That’s a big reason why.

Things seem grim, but before we swear off exercise and start pounding cronuts, there’s hope.

Here are a few contributors to slow metabolisms, as well as ways to keep them revved. Definitely worth discussing at your next doctor appointment.

Some reasons our metabolisms slow

1. Hormones

No surprise here.

They get blamed for everything!

A study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center noted a natural lack of estrogen receptors in the brain due to aging caused mice to gain weight without consuming more calories.

Apparently they also concluded the same principle could apply to humans. Yikes! People often add as much as 10% of their body weight per decade because of how our hormones change with age.

The fix?
Definitely something to discuss at our next doctor visit if we feel we might be affected by this one!

They can offer sound advice and treatment based on hormone levels.

2. Stress

Another one that’s not surprising.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it a million times, especially if you watch late night infomercials trying to sell the next miracle drug- stress leads to weight gain.

Stress increases cortisol, which harms our metabolisms. It contributes to increased belly fat and its signal can also cause overeating.

Overrating leads to weight gain.

Weight gain leads to slowed metabolisms.

It’s a terrible cycle.

The fix?
This is another one to discuss win our docs.

Additionally, managing our stress is so important. Easier said than done, right!?

Things like plenty of sleep, good nutrition, exercise, prayer, community, and avoiding negative situations can all help us better manage the stress in our lives.

3. Sitting

I have no idea if this is credible, but someone told me it takes just 20 minutes in any fixed position to slow the metabolism.

I’ve read and been told dozens of times sitting is the new smoking.  It definitely affects our health, so I’m sort of inclined to error on the safe side and believe it!

The fix?
Get up and move!

Muscle mass is out biggest ally for keeping metabolisms up because muscle stays active even long after we’ve hit the gym.

We cannot underestimate the importance of resistance training when it comes to continued caloric burn and a revved metabolism.

When we’re at the office, it’s also important to get up once an hour, or even just stand during phone calls!

4. Not enough zzzz

According to a joint German and Swiss study, not sleeping enough reduces the amount of energy your body uses at rest, resulting in slower metabolic functions and caloric burn.

Not only that, but when I’m tired from the night before, my workouts either suffer, or are nonexistent. That’s not helping my metabolism either!

The fix?
Create an environment for sleep. Remove distractions. Turn off all media at least 30 minutes before bed. Keep your rook dark and cool. I’ve also heard essential oils can work wonders in assisting with relaxation and better sleep. I’m for all of the above!

5. Not eating enough OR eating too much.
Both can mess with a person’s metabolism. When you drastically reduce calories, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down to conserve the available energy. Eating too much doesn’t do much better, especially when it’s coupled with no exercise or motivation to burn off the extra caloric intake.

The fix?
Eat mindfully. Bring snacks to avoid “hanger” and binges later. For goodness sake, eat breakfast, too! I don’t think we need to cover this one too much.

Obviously there are tons more we could list here, but I just found it helpful to create a consolidated spot of these things. It will help me be more mindful! Especially the sitting part.

As I continue to get older and my metabolism slows, I want to stay mindful of combatting the pitfalls and staying on my game.  smile

That’s it for today, friends! Here’s to healthier metabolisms!

Check in tomorrow for more fun, my dearies. 

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