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Ward off Wiry Brows

I don’t talk about beauty much on this blog, but I thought it might be fun to change it up a bit today.
Today’s post seems like a relevant topic to share, as I admittedly underestimated the value of filling in my eyebrows until  a couple years ago.
Don’t underestimate the value of filling in your eyebrows.
I’m serious.
In fact, I will absolutely not leave the house unless my brows are done.

Even if I’m just going to Walmart.
Yeah, yeah. I’m sure you think I’m weird.
It’s because I am.
But seriously- fill in those scraggly things.
Unless of course you are one of the lucky ones with naturally full and beautiful brows,
Which I am not.
I have darkish blonde eyebrows. They don’t grow very well, they are thin, and even a little patchy.
 They really thin out at the ends, even when I haven’t had them waxed in awhile.
In short?
I have wimpy brows.
My sister bought me the Benefit Brow Kit a few years ago, but I never really used it.
She was one of the ones who swore it was a necessary makeup staple, never leaving the house without nice brows herself.
I just didn’t see the value. I didn’t see how it could make much of a difference.
Which is silly talk.
Because anyone with eyes can SEE the value.
But we will get to that soon enough.
Anyway, I went to visit P in Chicago one weekend and brought it along with me. It was for her big 21st birthday extravaganza, so I figured I would dress up more than usual. She talked me into trying the brow kit, and I did.
And I felt totally weird.
They seemed so dark,

so filled in,

so different.
I wasn’t sure I liked it, to be honest.
But then we took pictures that night, and I looked so much better in them!

My eyes stood out more and my makeup looked much more polished, with this one small change.
And then after I took my makeup off, I was much more aware of just how wiry my brows really where!

I’ve been walking around with naked brows for nearly three decades. Ack!

So, from that point forward I started filling them in, and now I acknowledge the difference it makes in my overall appearance. Plus it definitely makes my eyes stand out even more.
It a small change that makes a big difference!
And the best part of all? It’s a super easy thing to add to my regimen each morning.
Most of the time these days, I like to do the following:
I take a light brown matte eyeshadow (make sure it’s not too dark, and definitely make sure it’s not sparkly or you might look like Tinkerbell, which I suppose is not all bad, but probably not work appropriate),
and use my angle brush to gently fill in my brows with the eyeshadow.



It takes a whole 15 seconds, maybe even less!
However the results are definitely noticeable.
Here are my normal, scraggly eyebrows,

Here I am with my right eyebrow done. Yikes! My left side is noticeably patchier.

Finally, the finished product.


Seriously- we have time to do this… so do it!

Give it a shot for a few days and see what you think. You might just be surprised by how much this one step completes your entire look. Not only that, but your eyes, pops with this one simple trick!


More to come! Friday favorites tomorrow!

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