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Walk, Don’t Run

Are mornings crazy in your house?

Depending on the day, they are in mine.

I’m running around like a complete crazy person, holding a towel around my body in one hand, while throwing food in the crockpot and packing lunches in the other.

Between trying to slap foundation on my face, get dressed, and make a green monster while simultaneously trying to apply lipstick and send a text- I always leave frazzled on such days.

Which seems to make me feel frazzled for hours later.

Which seems to make me feel rushed, even if I’m not rushed.

Which makes me feel like I need to speed wherever I’m going.

Which led me to getting pulled over for my first time ever last Monday.

Happy Monday to me indeed.

I was feeling good that morning. I left the house 45 minutes earlier than normal to make a quick trip to the vet clinic to drop off Rocky’s stool sample for some annual testing.


However, for some silly reason, since I rushed around to get ready early and get to the vet, I was feeling rushed as I drove there.

I have no idea why.

I made a wrong turn, and had to turn around and back track- which further perpetuated my feelings of rushed-ness.

And then it happened.

I saw the black SUV pass me, and immediately hit his breaks and make a U-turn.

“Not me!

He can’t be coming for me!”

I thought to myself, knowing full well I was totally speeding.

Oh he was coming for me alright.

“But I’ve never had a ticket before, so I’m sure he’ll just give me a warning.” I tried to rationalize.

Except that didn’t happen at all.

The longer I sat, the longer I knew I was going to get a ticket.

And sure enough, I got a ticket.


“Watch your speed, and have a nice day, Ma’am.”



Hell- you just gave me a ticket, but did you REALLY need to make me feel 30!?


Oh yeah, this MA’AM will have a GREAT day, I’m sure of it! Not only did I just get a $131 speeding ticket, but you just freaking called me MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, sorry for the vent.

But seriously.

Anyway- I find it a little funny how, for the rest of the entire day I tried to rationalize the whole thing in my head to where I was the victim in the situation. 

My premise being, “I know I was speeding, I know I was in the wrong, BUT the guy ran my history and knew I’ve never gotten a ticket. Why couldn’t he have let me off with a warning!?”

Yes, Brittny. Clearly you’re the victim.

Why do we do that!?

I guess because it makes us feel a little better?

It didn’t make me feel better.

Later that day, I had to go to Sam’s for something. The place was a zoo.

I was in high heels.

I had to park far away.

I went to where my item usually is.

Only they switched the store around, and I had to walk in high heels to the other side of the store.

I got what I needed and got in the shortest line I could find.

Only I couldn’t find my Sam’s card.

The Sam’s card I just freaking had in my hand to get in the store 5 minutes earlier.


So, I got out of line and started back tracking my steps.

My calves killing me the whole time.

Sure enough, there it was on the floor near where I was earlier.

How did I drop it!?

What’s more- how did I not even freaking notice?

It was just in my hand.

Will jokes that I bee-bop through life.

And today? I have to admit he had a point.

Where was my brain today?!

As I walked back to the line, I began thinking about how often I rush through everything. I’ve always been that way. I am always in “go” mode and rarely take time to stop.

I rarely take time off work.

I am up long before the sun most mornings.

Heck, even when we’re “unwinding” watching TV, I’m simultaneously doing something like blogging, exercising, or cooking.

I just don’t ever shut off.

Isn’t that the story for many of us women?

As I walked back to get in line, I began thinking.

“Brittny, what are you doing!? You need slow down!”

And it’s true.

I need to take a moment to mindfully slow down.

To sit still.

To listen more.

To turn off the phone and social media.

To quiet myself more.

But who has time for that!? I have things to do!

Ha- see how easily that happens?

Once again trying to convince myself I don’t need to stop.

Something interesting to me, and something I cannot explain, is how I understand and emphasize the importance of rest in my workout routines. I take a couple days off from the gym a week, and even take a week off from lifting every 12 weeks.

Yet for some reason, I have not learned to apply those same principles to every other aspect of my life.

Just as burnout or injuries happen when working out without rest, the same thing can be said for plowing through life without taking a moment to just freaking slow down for a minute to stop and smell the roses.

I like the idea of slowing down very much.

Especially after my “awesome” $131 speeding ticket.

However the implementation?

Isn’t as easy.

As I stood in line at Sam’s that day, I decided to pray God would help me slow down a little.

To enjoy this beautiful life He’s blessed me with, because it is so short, and should be enjoyed.

Here’s to you stopping to enjoy your blessed life too. <3

More to come…

Aw I hate having to go shopping when I have heels on from work and they hurt! That is the worst! Aw, I feel your pain! I can’t believe you have never received a ticket before though! At least it is your 1st! I hope you have a good weekend!

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