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Thursday Things, 6 Nov 14

Let’s talk about how I spilled 64 ounces of water in bed last weekend.

Real life.

I almost inserted the word “accidentally” into that sentence, but seriously- isn’t that a given!?

Thank goodness it was water. But for real- half a gallon dumped all over your bed?

No good.

Let’s also talk about my current jam.

Big Daddy Weave’s Overwhelmed.

My “jams” are almost always upbeat, workout type music, but this one.

Oh this one.

So good and totally jam worthy.

In fact, there are times when I’m in the car and it comes on and I darn near feel like I need to pull over so I can fully worship every time I hear it!

Probably not a good idea to close my eyes and lift up a hand (or two) when you’re driving, you know? smile

Anyone else slightly bummed about driving home in the dark this week?

So sad. I love this time of year. It’s my favorite. However, it sure is sad going to work in the dark and going home in the dark!

You can thank me for the wonderful TV programming you’re about to enjoy.

Soooo a couple weeks ago we got a letter in the mail from Nielsen ratings.

You did too?

Of course you did.

Only, instead of ignoring their call like most everyone in America does, Will said we needed to take their survey when they contacted us to give feedback.

Ughhh really!?

I specifically remember doing this (which sheer excitement and joy) as a child. I told Will, “I’m pretty sure I had to keep a journal and write down all the stuff I watched for the week.”

He was all, “Are you sure? I think you just answer some questions on the phone.”

So yeah. I was right. When they called this week they sure did ask questions over the phone.

Questions to confirm out address so they could send out the three journals we now have to complete (one for every TV in the house).

Thanks Will.

Oh- they did send us $2.



That’s it for today. Any randomness you care to share?

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