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Monday Confessions: Things You Should Know About Me

If we’re going to be, or stay, friends there are a few things you probably need to know upfront.

1. If you give me a gift, and it’s in a pretty bag, there’s a good chance I’m going to keep it and use it the next time I have to give someone a gift. Yes, I’m a bag recycler. I said it.

2. I can’t go shopping with anyone besides P. Ever. I can have good intentions and really try to shop with friends but I just can’t and I end up wandering aimlessly, totally surrendering to the fact that I will not find something. I have no idea why.

3. I’m pretty sure I have a small degree of ODC. I am always afraid of leaving my straightener plugged in all day so I have to check, and recheck about three times before I can finally walk out the door. If it’s going to be a really long day away from the house, I’ve also been known to take a picture of the outlet to reassure myself that I really did unplug it and will not burn the house down.


Pretty sure I divulged just a tad too much there.I’m confident you all think I’m crazy now. Or even crazier?

Moving on…

4. If we ever went on a road trip and we made the joint (AWFUL) decision that I would be the one to drive I would likely definitely get us lost. I’m one of the most spatially challenged people I know. It’s a talent, really. In my defense- unless the sun is rising or setting how in the WORLD are you able to know the cardinal directions!? I mean if it’s high noon and the sun is shining brightly in the “middle” of the sky are you freaking telling me that if I’m stranded in a jungle I’m going to know I’m headed due north!? I think not. Geez. Thankfully, there’s an app for everything.

5. I honestly do not think any dessert could ever be “too rich” and it annoys me when people say it. I’ve finally had to come to grips with the fact that the annoyance is me, because, after all, there are probably desserts that are “too rich.” However, it hasn’t deterred me from rolling my eyes anytime I hear someone say it as we stand over an office birthday cake.

That’s it for now. Happy Monday!

Ooh - wait can I add a freebie number six? It annoys me when people say “Happy Monday!” yet it doesn’t annoy me enough not to do it myself. Because I do. All cheery. And annoying. Such a contradiction.

More to come.

Is it scary that I thought the outlet-picture-taking was a good idea?  I do the check/recheck thing and usually have to place the straightener (or I do it with anything...hairdryer, chargers, etc) in a specific spot and tell myself that “this is how I’ll remember I unplugged it” as I do it.  That normally works for me. LOL

I also check stoves, that the windows and doors are locked, that things are packed, that there are no dishes in the sink, etc...obsessively. 

I can’t see the “too rich” thing either.  I can see “I’m not in the mood for sweets” or not in the mood for something that sweet, but not that the dessert in itself is too rich.  People say that of a cake?  Really???

See?  Not alone! :D

Posted by JessPond  on  12/29  at  03:53 AM

I get lost SOO easy that it is scary, It’s so bad that if I go to the grocery store and need to run another errand, there is a high probability that I will have to drive back near my house to figure out how to get there. There is no point B to point C.

Posted by  on  12/29  at  06:01 PM

I have a wonderful sense of direction and even read the atlas for if we ever go on a roadtrip together, I’ve got your back, B.

Posted by Jacqueline  on  12/30  at  12:41 AM
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