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September Ipsy Review!


I’m typing today’s post.

I prefer doing videos, mostly because I find it easier to make a video than capture all my opinions in writing.

(And here is where I ask you to let me know what you prefer by leaving a comment in the Share the Love section at the end of this post!)

But alas, it is October and I have yet to review my September Ipsy.

So technically, I’m behind.

That is the beauty of going on a quick vacation-

you’re gone for what feels like a second but end up being days behind! smile

Anyway, it is definitely time to get with the program and show you what I got!

As usual, I snooped beforehand. I am terrible with the sheer enjoyment of just being pleasantly surprised with what I got instead of hoping for what I might not get!


Overall, I am pleased with September’s bag.

I really like two of the items, am looking forward to braving another, sort of “eh” on the fourth item, and sort of disappointed in the last.

This month’s theme was Classic Beauty, which centered around traditional looks that look gorgeous on every girl.

I REALLY like the bag. It definitely does have a classic beauty feel to it. The deep blue and classy filigree design look very pretty.


Michelle Phan, one of the “Ipsy Girls” and makeup guru launched her own makeup brand last month, so everyone got a sample of one of her palates with each shipment. Yay!


I look forward to giving it a try.

Now on to the “real” products I received.

The first thing I pulled out was a full size Cailyn’s tinted lip balm in Big Apple.


This is my second Cailyn product, and thus far I really like both items. This product says it is a tinted lip balm, but to me it seems more like potted lipstick.


It definitely makes your lips red, and it has staying power! It definitely isn’t balmy, and I had to apply a chap stick over the color, so perhaps the fact that it is called a “lip balm” is a little false advertising.

However, I really like the look, the way the color goes on, and the fact that it lasts. I am excited to have this in my bag!

The next think I got and really liked was a full size NYX Shadow in Morocco.

I am a fan of these deep, plum hues, especially in fall, so I was happy to see this eye shadow in my bag!


This is not my first NYX product from Ipsy, and like the Cailyn products, I really like all I’ve gotten, so I know I will definitely be putting this shadow to good use this fall (and already have!).

And just so you know, NYX is now available at Target! Even better!

The next thing I got was full size Jesse’s Girl Liquid Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.


In a past Ipsy review, I mentioned I am not a fan of liquid eyeliner, mainly because I typically look like a complete train wreck anytime I’ve tried liquid liner in the past.

It’s not the liner, it’s me.

I’m sure liquid liner is fantastic, but I just can’t get it together to keep myself steady enough to make both sides look good.

However, this pen?

Is pretty great- even for me.

I would say it’s fool proof, but, well, I still had my challenges.

Although, it’s me.

It’s not the liner.

The stuff is foolproof, don’t mind me. smile

I like the product and just need to get more comfortable using it, so something for me to practice this fall!

Okay, the last two products.

I wasn’t as excited about these.

The next thing I got was a sample size Elizabeth Mott It’s So Volumizing Mascara.


It’s mascara, so I will definitely use it, but I just got a sample mascara in my last bag, so it seemed a little like a repeat.

That’s really my only “complaint.”

Finally, the last product.

Not excited about this one.

Me and J Cats. We just don’t get along.

You may remember this review in which I got the shimmery J. Cats body glitter?

Yeah… not a fan.

When I wore it all over myself at work to stand out, I just ended up feeling like an idiot.

(Kidding, I did NOT wear that stuff to work … but it might be funny? Insert “I’m just kidding… or am I?” nervous laughter)

Well, I got another J. Cats product this month, and I’m not too excited about this gem either.

Though, it is definitely not as bad as dark black body glitter.

It is their full size Fantabulous Lipstick in Honey Crisp.


It is very matte and very neutral.

To be honest… it’s probably not that bad. But it looks absolutely ridiculous on my pasty white face.

I could be a ghost for Halloween.

Hmm… maybe I should be totally excited about this?

Yeah, I just thought about it, and I’m still not.

Regardless, my bag was good. Four full size products (three which I will definitely use), which is pretty great in my book.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Full Size Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple-, $19
Elizabeth Mott It’s So Volumizing Mascara Sample- aprox $8
Full Size J. Cat Fantabulous Lipstick in Honey Crisp-full size, $2.49
Full Size Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Eyeliner, $6.99
Full Size NYX Shadow in Morocco, $4.50

So there you have it! Not shabby at all. Let me know what you think, and if you have a subscription to BB or Ipsy let me know what you got!

You can also take a look at my April, May, June, July and August reviews.

Stay tuned. More fun to come!

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