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Be an Encouragement (And Not an Elmyra)

What are you good at, friends?

Tell me, tell me!

Do you ever struggle with being too good at what you’re good at to the point where you’re not as good at it?

Sorry, that sentence was too fun not to write.

Of course you’re not.

That’s a problem only I struggle with.

Today we’re talking encouragement.

I am pretty quiet and reserved (until you get to know me, then there’s no going back after I let loose haha), yet even in my meekness the good Lord has given me an ability to encourage others.

It’s like I become an entirely different, gregarious person when I do it.

I unequivocally have the gift of encouragement, and get so excited to encourage others.

In fact… confession time…

Sometimes I overdo it.

Will has pointed this out to me a few times over the years, but it never really made sense until a few years ago.

Although my intentions are always pure, Will says sometimes I get so full of excitement to encourage and love others that it comes off as being insincere.


I just want to love the heck out of people, is that so much to ask!?

It hurt my feelings to hear, but I think he’s onto something.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to pull the throttle back a little, especially when dealing with people I don’t know very well.

In my head, I like to call this my “Elmyra Syndrome.”

Please tell me you watched Looney Toons growing up?

If not, Elmyra was the incredibly annoying girl that wanted to squeeze the heck out of all poor animals. She loved them alright, but gosh she was over-the-top.


I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Will was getting at. Haha

I’ve had to channel my desire to be specific to each person I encounter.

Which, (duh, Brittny) makes total sense.

And wow, I got a master’s degree in communication and still have to work through these basic things. Help us all…

Anyway, in taking a hands-on approach with this realization, I had to become more purposeful in how I encourage others.

Someone I’m close with knows I’m going to bless their face off with uplifting scripture and words when they need it most. And that works for us. No Elmyra-ness.

While others I don’t know well may benefit more from a simple text… so no worry of Elmyra Syndrome sneaking up. smile

Things like the nice girl campaign, donations to NBI, texts, random cards, or even blog posts are all ways to let others know that I care about them and God loves them without grabbing them by the shoulders and shouting it in their face.

Okay, okay, I’m being extreme. I never did that (At least I don’t think I did?? wink), but you get my point.


There are numerous verses in the Bible that highlight the importance of cheer, bearing burdens, and helping those in need, and so I encourage you to encourage others! smile

Perhaps you’re like me, and seeing someone in need of a little godly cheer comes easy, or maybe it’s not as natural. Nonetheless, the Lord has placed people in our lives that we can be a light and encouragement to.

Be intentional about being a light to people in your path. We are all going through various struggles, and I don’t know about you, but it can sure help to have someone around to share that load sometimes.

Here are a few ways to encourage and be a blessing without an attack of the dreaded Elmyra Syndrome

1. Treat a friend to coffee, and spend more time listening than talking. Heck, maybe get a little crazy and even split a treat while you’re there!

2. Buy a sparkly greeting card and write a handwritten note to someone letting them know you’re praying for them.

3. Send a text to a friend who needs some prayer.

4. Make a meal for a new mom or homebound elderly person in your church.

5. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some flowers. I find them to be beautiful and cheap, too!

Drop them off at a friend’s or family member’s house and let them know you were thinking about them.

6. I’ve also heard of people that have done this same thing but have given them to the lady checking them out at the grocery store.

I imagine they have a rough job some days. Can you imagine how touched they would feel if you let them know how much you appreciated their service!?

Um, why haven’t I done this yet?!

Please remind me not to get to Elmyra-y when I do, because let’s be real here. It could get weird for the person if I got a little too happy-clappy. smile

7.  Block out some time to help a single mom in need. Whether it’s helping her prep meals for the week, cleaning house, or doing a home project-whatever it is- spend the time working together. Not only will she appreciate the company, but I’m sure she would appreciate the help, too!

8. If you’re able to, anonymously pay a bill for someone, or send a grocery store gift card to them in the mail.

I will never forget a time when my dad anonymously paid a water bill for someone struggling in our church. I was young, but it stuck with me so deeply to do such a kind thing. Obviously they will never know you were the one who did it (and that’s how it should be), but I guarantee it will bless their face off- and it will bless yours too.

9.  Listen.

Just listen away and let someone know you’re available as a sounding board. Sometimes listening and let people talk through things is the loudest form of encouragement.

10. Pray with them.

Prayer is an intimate and powerful tool we can have to uplift those who need encouragement. Take a few minutes to pray with them.

Those are just a remnant of the many ways you can offer encouragement to someone. Let me know some of yours in the Share the Love section!

So there you have it. Be a light and be an encouragement to someone around you today. There’s no need to get Elmyra-y (I’m talking to myself here), and plenty of ways to make a difference!


More to come!

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