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OU-Texas Weekend 2013: The Wheels on the Bus

They go round and round.

Round, and round.

Round and round.

That pretty well summarizes our weekend.

Today is as good as any to recap our OU-Texas extravaganza.

I apologize for all the repetitive travel and football posts recently, but, well that’s pretty much what’s been going on these days so that’s what I post about!

Perhaps next year we will pick up a more exhilarating and ever-changing hobby.

But probably not.


Our extended weekend started with a Thursday night wedding! It was for the son of one of our couples in our Life Group.

I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously- can I please tell you how good God is? I am so thankful for getting connected into a small group instead of only going to church and getting lost in the crowd. It has been such a blessing.

The wedding was at the historic Harn Homestead right outside OKC’s capital. I had never been, and it’s a neat little place. The wedding was outside, and the reception was in the barn. I realize that sounds a little redneck, but trust me, it was beautiful!

It was so whimsy inside!


Milk and cookies table

They did a milk and cookie bar, and had a lot of other fun things inside I did not photograph.

Who are these dressed up kids!?

Will got all dressed up so I had to take a couple pictures. smile

I told him he was a little over the top for wearing his suit, but now I’m glad he did since we got to take a few pictures with him all spiffed up.

We got home sort of late, and had to get up early so that was fun! Ha

Friday unfolded just as I predicted, so no real need to recap other than share a few pictures along the way!

Healthy snacking:
Grapes on the way to TX

Bevo Bash:
Bevo Bash

Dinner (did not eat the sauce):
Ruth's Chris dinner

Saturday was game day.

Oh game day.

We got up early, and got around. I thought it might be pretty cool out, so I brought a jacket.

The second we stepped outside, the air took my breath away.

Complete soup.


Literally sweating before 8:00 in the morning.


Like every year, we take the DART bus/train to the State Fair. We got there with no trouble. Yay!

We usually like to buy our coupons and use them before the game so it’s not too busy.

Will got a drink and corny dog. smile

Corny dog time

And I got fried cake balls.

Yes. That says fried cake balls

Fried cake balls. Now off to fun ten miles.

Yes, it’s true. It happened.

Will had one, and I had the others. They were absolutely delicious!


Afterward, we headed to the stadium, sweating all over ourselves along the way.

I can’t believe the humidity!

I immediately put my hair up.

Will says I’m silly, but I swear you can see the humidity haze in this picture!

OU-Texas 2013

OU was supposed to win my double digits, so I was pretty pumped for the game.

Except, we lost by double digits and looked horrible.

Bummer, but it happens sometimes.

Will and I ended up leaving early to beat the crowds.

We got back to the DART train station, and there were lots of helpful workers there to make sure we got on the right train.

The ride was about 25 minutes long, and we were ready for it to be over so we could get back to the hotel.

We rode to the bus station, and hoped to find the same DART workers to help there.

Only unfortunately, no one was to be found.


Luckily, we planned ahead and took a picture of our bus stop that morning to make sure we wouldn’t forget.


The bus ride that nearly caused an aneurism.

The only bummer was that we had to wait about 45 minutes for the next bus to come.

We finally got on the 488 and were ready to roll.

And roll

And roll.

Finally, about 40 minutes in, Will and I realized the bus driver had turned around and it seemed as though he was heading back to the bus station.

Will got up to talk to him and reconfirm we were on the right bus.

He said yes.

We were relieved.

Until he took us back to the station.


Did we really have a conversation about making sure he was stopping at Valley View Lane and he said yes?

Yeah- obviously not.

At this point in the day, I thought Will was going to have a brain aneurism.

Seriously, he was hulking out and I’m pretty sure he even had a vein protruding from both sides of his neck.

Okay. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a lot a little.

So Will and I decided to get off and call the DART helpline.

They were helpful and we got squared away, but we had to wait almost an hour for the next bus.

We were hungry.

We were thirsty.

We were tired.

We were sunburned.

Our team lost, and we were both grumpy.

The afternoon? Not the greatest.

The bus finally came, and 30 minutes later we were at the hotel. We left around 1:30 and got home at 5.

What an afternoon.


By then, we were both wiped and neither of us was up to going out to eat. We ended up eating at our hotel restaurant. Afterward, we showered and were both in bed by about 6:30.

We watched college football (Did you guys see the Michigan-Penn State OT game!?), and went to sleep before 9.

Wild night, I tell you. smile

Sunday is usually a toss up for us. We’ve stayed in Dallas to shop, sometimes we just sleep in, have an early lunch, and take our time heading home, and other times we’ve gotten out of Dodge as early as possible.

This year? We got out of Dodge as early as possible.

We figured we might as well get home early and have time to unpack, prepare for the week, and rest, so that’s what we did!

We were home before 11:30, which was really nice. It gave me time to do food prep for the week, three loads of laundry, and a couple other things (like blogging!).

All in all it was a good weekend despite the loss.

I tried my best to soak up the time because Will is about to start a new grueling work schedule. :( (Think back to our Kuwait schedules, but even a little worse now.)

Just thinking about it makes me feel so sad, and makes me miss him already!

And now no breaks until Thanksgiving! Yikes. Time to keep my head down and plow forward!

Thanksgiving, here we come.

Check in tomorrow for core exercises!

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