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People Purple Eaters

I simply love eggplants and all their purple-y, majestic splendor.

I find most people consider them (as well as a variety of other fruits and veggies) an oddity. Not ranking them among “normal” produce like apples, orange, or carrots.

It’s always surprising to me to find out how many people have never eaten an eggplant, and simply turn their nose up to the idea.

So I am trying to change that today!

So first things first. We have to Nigella-ize the eggplant.

By calling it an aubergine.

Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

Eggplants are also commonly referred to as the aubergine.

It’s neither here nor there that its not called that in America.

They’re called aubergines somewhere.


Besides, it obviously sounds much more beautiful and delicate and appropriate for glossy, deep royal purple Vitamin packed goodness.


I mean… who wants to eat an EGG PLANT when you can eat an aubergine?




Is anyone else picturing going outside and grabbing purple Easter eggs off a tree?

That’s probably just me.


Eggplants Aubergines are an excellent healthy choice because they are absolutely full of fiber.

One cup of cooked eggplant provides 11% of your daily fiber needs, as well as a healthy contribution of potassium, folate, vitamin K, and vitamin B6 – and a host of other healthy vitamins. Not only that, but WHFoods notes the phytonutrients in aubergines also contain nasunin, an antioxidant known to protect cells from damage. Um hello- anti aging! Not only that, but nasunin has been shown to protect the brain’s cell membranes from free radicals, letting nutrients in and wastes out.

Plus they taste freaking delicious.

There are heaps of ways to enjoy aubergines.

I love to cut it up into chunks and lightly drizzle oil over them and roast them in a pan.

I also love to brush slices with oil and pan “fry” them.

And who doesn’t love a good eggplant- er, aubergine Parmesan?

There are tons of recipes out there for cooking delicious eggplant. From grilling to baking, to lots in between.

However I don’t want to mess with all that. I want my aubergine NOW.

Some sites say you should peel it or slice it and let it “sit” for 30 minutes, and spin it around like a bottle and kiss the person the stem points to.

Okay, so maybe not the last one.

I say that’s fine for some people, but not me.

Not today anyway.

Today we are going to broil.

Mainly because I am impatient and don’t like to wait forever to eat these babies.

The whole broiling process takes a whole 15 minutes.

Which is about all I can wait sometimes.

Like today.

Here’s what you do.

Take your aubergine and slice the top and bottom off.


Then, place it upright and begin to thinly slice the vegetable from top to bottom.

Pretty slices!


From there, brush a little olive oil on both sides, and place them on a baking sheet.



Top with coarse sea salt. This is important, because the salt helps to pull out moisture and remove the bitter flavor.

Broil about 7 minutes, turn the veggies over, and then broil another 7 minutes.

Then they’re ready!



Most of the time I just drizzle balsamic vinegar over mine and eat immediately, however they are also delicious topped with fire roasted tomatoes.

In my opinion they are delicious hot and cold, so if you have any leftover (um- why would you have any leftover!?), you can stick them in the fridge and use them to top a salad for a delicious treat!

So be brave and try an aubergine, eggplant, or whatever you want to call it.

Just freaking eat one.

You might be surprised how much you like them.


Stay tuned for a fun weekend ahead! <3

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