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On The Seventh Day She Rested (or something like that)

I seriously need to go to the gym.

And clean our bathrooms.

Did I tell you guys I have a strict cleaning regimine?

I think I did.

Why do I feel as though I need to tell you again?


probably because I’m totally procrastinating.

Big time.

I believe that’s why.

But for the sake of needing to post, how about we just pretend it’s because, “The Public Needs to Know.”

Good idea?

I think so.

Moving on-

Okay- so I clean a different room in my house every week day.

And for some really ridiculous and nerdy reason, I oftentimes (Hmm- is “oftentimes” a word? I don’t think so. I should most definitely use spell check to verify. But that would mean I was being proactive and not procrastinating- which we’ve already established I’m doing… let’s just roll with it being one word, okay?) try to clean the bathrooms on Sunday in order to have “a day off” during another part of the week. What a nerd. I know.

So in all truthfulness, today isn’t even an actual “scheduled cleaning day” for me, yet I’m avoiding it like the plauge.

Because I’m officially crazy.

And no other reason.

The gym?

Yeah- I have no excuse for that. I just don’t want to go- plain and simple.

So instead I sit on the couch lamenting about how I need to do these two things and not actually doing them.

Because apparently I want to balloon into a million pounds and appear on Dr. Phil for having one of the most hazardous houses in America.

That’s the only thing I can think of as to why in the world I’m not getting off the freaking couch and doing something productive.

And can I share something- between the two of us, of course?- sometimes Dr. Phil seriously annoys me.

I mean yeah sure, he’s Dr. Phil and great and wonderful and helpful-

but sometimes he really annoys me.

I won’t get into it- but seriously? Yeah…


I’m sitting here wasting valuable time that I could be cleaning doing absolutely nothing. I already know I’m going to do these things- I know it- it’s just a matter of seriously dragging my feet.

And having absolutely no desire to do any of the above mentioned items.

Oh- and I would apologize for starting virtually every sentence with “and” (because I think my former English teachers would most defintiely be shoving a #2 pencil in their right eye)- but again, I’m procrastinating and obviously showing my crazy wreckless abandonment for the important things in life.

Or something like that…

So I guess I will stop wasting the afternoon and get started.

I seriously miss Ranjii (my maid in Kuwait).You have no idea.


Enjoy the last of the weekend! I know I am (ha ha). 

Oh- ha. Remind me to tell you about Willy’s fairies. We’ll save that till tomorrow.

Posted by  on  03/01  at  07:53 PM

I am pretty sure cleaning burns calories.  Furthermore, if you drink a little tequilla and turn on your iPod while cleaning, I think you will burn even more calories--thus eliminating your need for the gym

Posted by  on  03/01  at  09:13 PM

I’m SO with Amanda!  Awesome!  Tequila + iPod = super fun cleaning!

I so didn’t clean this weekend.  DH did dishes and I attempted to do some laundry, but that’s about it.

I did make it to the gym.  And did 5 minutes of squats followed by 5 minutes of lunges.  Can I just say how freaking awsome my butt’s going to look come summer?!

Posted by Angela  on  03/02  at  04:33 PM

Guess what?  I HATE Dr. Phil.  Ok.  Hate is a strong word.  I probably don’t hate him as a person.  But as a psychologist...yeah.  So, your annoyance of him is really no big deal.  smile

And remind me to never invite you to my house unless we DO hire a maid, because it is so far gone right now....  :S How embarrassing.

Posted by  on  03/02  at  04:43 PM

That’s a good idea, cleaning one room a week!  I am always saddened by the dirtiness of my house.  German Shepherds can do that grin Dr. Phil annoys me a lot, too. I don’t ever watch him.

Posted by  on  03/02  at  05:50 PM

I am the anti-clean-the-bathroom girl.  That is strictly Craig’s job, or it just doesn’t get done.  Gross, I know.  But something about cleaning toilets gives me terrible flashbacks.  Sort of like PTSD - Post-traumatic swish disorder.

Posted by Jenny  on  03/02  at  06:41 PM
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