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May 2014 Ipsy Review!

Hello pretty princesses!

It’s Ipsy time again.

My May Ipsy was somewhat different than those in the past. It was pretty much devoted to all things skincare and fresh face related, instead of the usual makeup and nail polish fare.

The theme was Fresh Picks, and they did a good job of holding to it!

So let’s take a look at what was inside!

Here’s the bag everything came in.

May Ipsy

Pretty and springy and all things fresh, if I so say so myself!

The first thing I pulled out was this sample sized Hey Honey Peel Off Mask.

May Ipsy

It claims to instantly brighten and renew.

Have you guys ever done a peel off mask?

It’s been years for me.

Maybe even close to a decade?

I have no idea.

I’m so old.

I forgot how tight they make your face feel! Um, perhaps I can use this stuff as a super cheap alternative to Botox?



There’s something sort of therapeutic about peeling away the “bad” junk on your face, which this mask claims to do. However, I was kind of a bad peeler and had to use a cloth to get some of it off.

I think my face looked brighter?

I have no idea, but I like to think it did.

I won’t buy it,but enjoyed the experience.

Next, I got this beautiful Pacifica mineral eyeshadow duo in celestial and opal. 

May Ipsy

The color is nice and neutral, and had a beautiful shimmer. I’ve received Pacifica products in the past and have really liked all of them. This is no different!

I also got this sample size Pur-Lisse hydra balance moisturizer.

May Ipsy

Since I’m a Mary Kay girl all the way, I enjoy trying other skin care products to compare and see how they stack up.

I really loved the way this moisturizer went on when I tried it at night. As weird as it may sound, it comes out like a normal moisturizer, but feels super thick when I rubbed it in. It took several passes all over my face for it to fully absorb.

And it has a lovely, slightly lemony scent.

With that said, I definitely didn’t enjoy wearing it the next morning. It felt heavy and a little greasy. It would be great used at night, with a lighter weight alternative in the morning.

Let’s not forget the sunscreen! This month’s bag came with a sample size cruelty free Jersey Shore sans-tan sunscreen.

May Ipsy

I like this stuff because it’s small and convenient. It’s perfect to keep in my purse for applications when I’m outside and away from the house.

Finally, my personal favorite of the month.

And when I say personal favorite, I’m being a little sarcastic.

It’s my favorite because it sort of kind of maybe gave me a laugh.


May Ipsy

Avene Thermal Spring Water.

Or as I like to say- canned spray water.

You probably know I’m pretty frugal by now, so it’s really hard for me to justify buying aerosol spring water when I could just use a squirt bottle and filtered water.

Know what I mean?

(Probably) just as refreshing! smile

I will say I used it after a workout when I was super hot and trying to cool down and get my face to a somewhat normal shade of red instead of emergency siren blazing red. It definitely had a cooling effect and helped get me down to a normal red.

In fact, I probably could have just used the whole can on my face that day…

Soooo- don’t worry, I’m not bashing anyone who uses this.

Tell me why you love it. I need to know. Help!

So that’s my bag!

Let’s talk money.

-Hey Honey sample: $7

-Pacifica eyeshadow duo: $7 (maybe? I couldn’t find this exact size on their site, so took a swag based on other items)

-PUR-LISSE moisturizer sample: &16.18

-Jersey Shore sunscreen sample: $7.50

-Avene canned water thermal spring water sample: $9

Everything totaled about $46, give or take with my eyeshadow guess, and I paid $10.

As usual, Ipsy didn’t disappoint. If you’d like to give it a try, let me know and I will send you a referral link!

That’s this month’s Ipsy fun! Check in next month for more good finds.

I am now off to use the thermal spring water spray. wink Check in tomorrow, and check out past Ipsys here:

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