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March Madness Hummus

It’s March Madness Bay-Be! (read that in your best Dick Vitale voice, please)

I hope you girls completed your brackets!

And if you haven’t?

Go to ESPN right now and challenge your significant other to a competition.

And then go to the ESPN guides to figure out who to pick, because contrary to popular belief, the prettiest uniforms are NOT always a good choice.

If you have plans to watch some big games with friends, chances are you will be surrounded in a menagerie of cheesy gloopiness or sticky, sugary carbicide.

But who doesn’t want something “fun” to snack on during the dance, right?

So let’s make something fun.

And let’s make a dip.

Because dips seem to epitomize idly sitting in front of the TV watching sports.

Only this dip is on the healthy side- packing protein, fat, and fiber all in one!

Enter Avocado Hummus.

Before we dive in- I doubled the recipe when I made this.

Doubling makes a ton.

And I got sort of sick of this hummus.

So instead, I cut the recipe in half and that is what is reflected in the words below.

The pictures, however are of the doubled version- so just ignore the three baby avocados. smile

Carry on!

Here’s what you will need:

-1 can rinsed cannellini white beans


-1 large avocado (or two small ones)


- 1 TBSP olive oil

- Juice from 1/2 lime


-Salt/Pepper to taste

-Cayenne pepper to taste

Dump everything in your food processer


and blend.


It is that easy.

You may want to taste and add some pepper or cayenne halfway through as needed.

But that’s all she wrote.

Super easy, healthy dip for March Madness spectating.

Good luck on your bracket!


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