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June Ipsy Review!

Hi friends! I got to meet the fabulous Angela last night and I can’t wait to tell you all about our fun! I hope you check in soon to read all about it on Thursday.

Today however, I’m on the move and had to preload this post to make sure there was some content out there to read!

So let’s talk Ipsy!

They’re killing me.


They’ve been knocking it out of the park lately, and this month is no different.

There was only one questionable item, but we will get to that skin enough.

I apologize in advance for the bad pics. I took these in a hurry before my trip.

So the June theme was Pretty in Paradise, and they hit the nail on the head.

Here’s the super cute bag designed by Rebecca Minkoff.

June Ipsy

This month came with three full size products!

Seriously, Ipsy, I love you.

Let’s peek inside!

The first thing I pulled out was this sample sized Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray.

June Ipsy

I’ve been wanting to try a product like this for ages but never wanted to spend the money to do it for fear it wouldn’t work. For that reason, I was thrilled to see this!

Sooo, I used it on my second full day between washings, so my straightened hair was in need if a little life. I usually pull my hair up on the second day, but I have this a go instead.

June Ipsy

I have naturally wavy hair and it rejuvenated my curls almost instantly with a little scrunching.

I will probably stick to ponys on my second day between washings, but can’t wait to try it on a day when my hair is fresh or even the day after.


Oh and it smells fantastic. Totally beachy and coconut-y.

I also got this full size Be a Bombshell black mascara!

June Ipsy

June Ipsy

So very excited about this stuff. I’ve gotten multiple products from this company and absolutely am crazy about all of them.

This is no different. Plus it’s fill size. Wee!

I also got the sample Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser and Mask.

June Ipsy

It smells terrific. Sort of like an orange cremesicle collided with vanilla birthday cake?


I used it as a mask and didn’t think it did all that much, but have a feeling it will be better as a face wash. It claims to “melt” off makeup, so I look forward to trying it.

Aaand another full size treat.

This NYX butter gloss in apple strudel.

June Ipsy

Stroooodel. Haha

Sorry. It was necessary.

This stuff can also now be known as my new favorite lip gloss. The color is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to wear this every single day.

Plus NYX is at Target now, so it’s easy to restock.

Finally, I got this Nicka K sparkly green eyeliner.

June Ipsy

June Ipsy

You know by now how incredibly grandma-ish I am about these types of colors. I wasn’t all that excited to see this in the bag, but the good news is that it’s full size and will definitely go to someone who loves all thing bold and jade.

So that’s the bag! A major hit overall.

Too bad we’re not vacationing somewhere tranquil and unique. . Hey, Canada is exotic-ish, right?

Oh, and everything in the bag (aside from the eye products) pretty much smells delicious. I had the mask on, have the gloss a try, and even spritzed my hair all in the same beauty session.

I smelled like I just freakin’ came from the beaches of Maui.

So let’s talk money.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray sample - $3.18

Be a Bombshell black mascara-$15

Skin Olive & Enzyme Cleanser and Mask- $12 ($24 for dull size)

NYX Butter Gloss-$5

Green Sparkle Eyeliner-$4.99

My monthly cost for everything was only $10, so definitely a super deal.

I hope you liked looking over these beauties! Tune in next month for more Ipsy fun, and check in tomorrow for a hotel friendly workout!

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