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Ipsy Daisy!

About a month ago I decided to do something nice for myself.

I became an Ipsy subscriber.

I tend to be very frugal about spending money on “extras,” but in talking to my sister, I began to get excited about the idea.

She had recently signed up to become a Birchbox subscriber, so we figured it would be a ton of fun to each get a different box, review the products, and mix and match depending on who liked what best!

So let me back up a minute.

Ipsy and Birchbox are beauty subscriptions. For $10 a month you receive between 4 and 6 deluxe samples of a variety of fun beauty products. It just seemed like a nice gift to give myself each month, and a little splurge.

Once a month me and P will be putting the boxes to the test. We will share what’s in them, how we liked them, and if we would actually spend money on the full size version.

I am so excited, and hope you are too!

So with that in mind, I wanted to share this month’s Ipsy box with you.

Next month I will bring P on board and we will do a joint review, which I think will be even more fun!

This month’s Ipsy box was titled “Pretty in Pink.”

They were true to their word!

It was totally pretty in pink. Even the package!


Apparently they gave the wrong bag with this month’s shipment (I’m guessing it should have been pink instead? smile), so they are sending me another one.

It’s still nice it even comes in a bag!


I was so pleased with my products!

I realize some months will be hit and miss, but I can honestly say I loved everything I got.

I opened the package and had a fun bag that held my goodies.

Inside was the following:

-Full size Sation nail polish in Of Corset I’ll Call You

-Full size Be A Bombshell blush in Sweet Cheeks

-Sample of Big Sexy Hair Pow

-Sample of MicaBeauty mineral eyeshadow in Earth (hello sparkly-ness!)


How fun, right!?

I’m not a big nail painter, but my sister painted my nails for me that night and they turned out so pretty!


It’s amazing how nice you feel with freshly colored nails. I suppose I ought to invest a few minutes a couple times a week to paint my nails, because it just made such a difference.

Plus I’m 30, and I think we’re supposed to do such things like that, yes?

I used the blush the next day and was really pleased with it.


It is really pink, which I LOVE, but I had to tone it down a smidge because it was, well, really pink.

I also used the Big Sexy Pow and I really like this product! I know I have shared my crazy obsession with dry shampoo, so it was a no brainer that I would absolutely freak out over this product.

It’s basically the same thing, only it seemed to give my hair even more lift.


(in a good way)

And then the shimmer eye powder.

I think I have also mentioned my love for all things shimmery and glittery, and not 30.

So I decided to tuck the shimmer powder away until such a time in which I feel like I can be trusted around it only to highlight my brow bone or something “normal.”

And not my entire face, hair, and neck.

Hello prom!

However, I was obviously still excited about the stuff.

So let’s do a quick breakdown to see why I am even happier about my purchase.

Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks - .17 oz, $16
Sation Nail Polish in Of Corset I’ll Call You - .5 oz, $5
Sample of Big Sexy Hair Pow, $16 for full size, which gave my .07 oz deluxe sample size a value of $2.11
Sample of Mica Shimmer Powder in Earth, $14.95 for 2.5 grams, which gave my 2 gram deluxe sample size a value of $11.95

My whole bag had a value of just over $35, and I got it for $10 and love all the products so I definitely consider it a win.

I realize there will be months were I won’t be as excited about what is inside, but the nice thing is hopefully P and I will be able to mix and match our Ipsy and Birchbox goodies along the way.

So that was my fun that I had to share.

I am already looking forward to next month’s surprises and sharing the products with you!

I’ve been considering subscribing to Ipsy since they’re one of the few subscription companies that actually ships to Canada (sadly, Birchbox and StitchFix do not) but I wasn’t sure. You have so many awesome things! smile

Posted by Angela  on  04/25  at  05:05 PM

That is A GREAT box. My BFF got me a year subscription to Birchbox for my birthday. Once in a while there is something awesome, but it usually pretty underwhelming. I want to try ipsy now!

Posted by Amanda  on  04/28  at  02:20 AM
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