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A Recipe for Dog Food

-Mix one part birthday night with one part best friend

-Don’t forget the pitcher of sangria

-Add a dash of late night pizza (you know, to soak up the sangria?)

-Sprinkle in a light headache

And voila! A recipe for disaster.

The night was great. Quite honestly, it was pretty low key. We spent the entire evening at Bolero in Bricktown. It was so relaxed and perfect for us.

We got home a little after midnight (See? Told you it was pretty low key).  P ended up staying the night, and left shortly after waking.

Then my usual morning routine commenced.

I began with helping Will feed the dogs. I went outside to feed the Bigs, and picked up a few blankets they had scattered in the the yard.

And went back inside and carried on.

Thankfully, thankfully Will looked out the window a few minutes later, and much to our demise…

my phone was in the yard.

My phone was in the yard and in Rocky’s mouth.

Will rushed outside.

But it was too late.

Then came the tears.

Um and to clarify, mine, not Will’s.

Then came the lecture (understandably). Will was so frustrated with me.

I’ve had this blog for 8 years now (!!), so if you’vre read awhile you know I am no stranger to losing, dropping, or forgetting things.


My phone?

That was one of the things I babied.

I had it for two and a half years and never dropped it on a hard surface, lost it, or did anything stupid.

Thank God.


until today.


I felt horrible.

Another thing you guys you probably know by now is how we manage our money (ala Dave Ramsey). We really hate spending money on unnecessary things, and this?

Was one of those stupid accidents I wish didn’t happen.

Now I have to buy a new phone when I could have spent that money on something way better, and something I didn’t already have!

Ugh. Accidents really do happen.

Oh and spend a day without your phone and tell me how incredibly lost you feel.

We won’t even get into that!

It’s not even the junk like Facebook and my LoseIt apps that I miss.

Okay, that’s a lie. I really do miss those.

However, it is just the stuff like my pictures, and music, and texting, and PHONE NUMBERS (um confession: I don’t even know my sister’s phone number. Note to self: memorize tonight!).

So there you have it. An annoying Monday morning story.

We are going to get a new phone tonight because, let’s face it, I should not be allowed out the door without GPS, reminders out the wazoo, and a million other apps that make me much more functional.

More to come. And typed from a fancy new phone.


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