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guilt trip: a delicious dessert for the one you love


When I travel for work, I try to make sure Will is totally set for the week.

It just makes me feel better to know he has food in the fridge, clean laundry to wear, and less junk to worry about.

I made him a huge dish of homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch this week, and stocked the fridge and freezer with easy dinner stuff.

I mentioned yesterday I felt sad leaving. In recent years I’ve become such a baby about traveling and being away from home.

You’d think I was back in second grade at my first overnight summer camp again.

It’s pathetic.

When I start to get blue about trips away, I usually respond by making Will something I know he likes I don’t typically make- like my incredibly unhealthy homemade mac and cheese. smile

Because I was especially bummed this week, I even threw in a trifle.

Will relishes in my homesickness.

I know we all know how to throw stuff in a bowl, but for the sake of being on the road this week, and realizing many of you have to make deliciousness for work, school, or church events at the last minute, trifle seemed like the perfect Tuesday recipe to share.

Making trifle is incredibly elementary. However, don’t underestimate the ease- trifle is beautiful and always a hit!

No need to focus on the simplicity. I say focus on the aesthetics and taste!

Besides, who has hours to spend slaving over a dessert anyway?


There are ten thousand ways to make trifle.

What flavor cake will you make?

What about the pudding?

Or are you going to go all out and make homemade custard?

You’re such a domestic goddess.




Oh man, the choices are endless.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:


I totally spoiled Will. Not one kind of candy bar, but TWO.

Clearly I’m feeling worse about being gone this week than he is. Haha

I made him a doubly delicious trifle because I knew I would be gone this week and not tempted to eat half of it myself.

It is far easier for me to make pure deliciousness when I am out of the house. Haha

Let’s get going!

Make the cake according to directions.

Unless you’re me:


Since we’re in a pinch and are not making homemade custard, it’s instant pudding all the way.


Make the pudding according to directions, but if you’re using almond milk like I am, use three cups of milk instead of four.


Stick it in the fridge to get nice and chilled. And let the cake sit out to cool.

Now comes the time where you have to have some serious willpower:


Stripping down the candy bars and preparing them for pulverization.


At this point, you’re going to be tempted to eat a candy bar.


Who am I kidding?

Go ahead. Do it.

Who can have a pile full of Reece’s in front of them without at least having one?


Now time to smash the trash out of these things.

Yeah, I have no idea what I just said either.

It made sense in my head.


Now that’s out of the way, its assembly time!

Start with a couple pieces of cake at the bottom.


Top with pudding.


Then whipped topping.


Then candy!


Repeat all the way up to the top.

How beautiful is that!?


Almost too beautiful to eat.


So next time you’re short on time but want to make a pretty and delicious treat, make a trifle. You’ll look like a superstar. <3

More to come!

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