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December Ipsy Review!

Hello pretty princesses!

Today we’re talking all things makeup.

My Ipsy came in last weekend and I thought long and hard for about five minutes whether or not I should wait until Christmas to open it.

You know, sort of as another gift to look forward to?

Yeah, well, obviously self-restraint lost because I opened it and am here to share what was inside!

Just like every other bag, this one was an overall success. In fact, I like everything inside! I got multiple full size products, and will use everything too!

I can’t wait to share these goodies with you!

Let’s get started!

So the bag is super cute!

Dec Ipsy!

Definitely a keeper.

The first thing I pulled out was this pretty Nicka K nail polish in Ripe Apple!

Dec Ipsy!

I just mentioned the other day how much I love festive red nails this time of year, so this was perfect timing!

I’m wearing the color today in fact, and also wore it when I killed these brownies. smile


Definitely a winner- and full size to!

Next, I got this lovely neutral Pop Beauty eye shadow trio in Naturally Bare.

Dec Ipsy!

I’ve gotten a couple Pop Beauty products and like all of them, and this is no different. The colors are beautiful and have a shimmer, and they’re in neutral tones which are my favorite.

Dec Ipsy!

Next I got this Demeter roll-on perfume oil in Snow.
Dec Ipsy!

Earlier this summer I got a Demeter roll-on scent and really enjoyed it. It’s not something I would have picked for myself because it is such a light, airy frangrance, but I definitely like it.

This snow scent is much the same. It is a very nice, clean smell but just so darn faint! I like it, will use it, but might have to layer it on to really get a whiff. smile

I also got this full-size NYX lipstick in B52.

Dec Ipsy!

I’ve gotten lots of NYX products in my Ipsy subscriptions and really like them. I love that they sell NYX at Target now too, so it’s much easier to browse and buy versus doing it online.

The color is nice and neutral. I thought it might be a little dark for my pale skin, but I was wrong. The color is so beautiful!
Dec Ipsy!

Finally, the product I’m most super excited about!

I got this full size Be a Bombshell The One stick in Girl Crush.

Dec Ipsy!


I totally have a girl crush on this product. It’s an all in one stick that can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips, or for highlighting. It’s a pinky-neutral color with added shimmer and it looks so pretty on!

Dec Ipsy!

See? Not over the top. Very light but still beautiful and slightly glowy.

I’ve loved everything I’ve received from Be a Bombshell cosmetics, and they’ve all been full size too!

So this bag was definitely a winner, and I’m glad I didn’t wait until Christmas to open it, so I can enjoy some of these beauties leading up to the big day!

Let’s take a look at the prices:

-Nicka K Nail in Ripe Apple- $4.99

-Pop Beauty Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare Sample Pallate-$8.00

-Demeter Roll-On Perfume in Snow-$10

-NYX Lip Color in B52-$4

-The One Stick Crayon in Girl Crush (LOVE)-$16

I most certainly made good on my investment. The whole bag was a winner and totaled over $40!


My friend Amanda
signed up, and if you’re interested, let me know and I will send you a link to an invite. They make excellent gifts to others…and yourself. smile

Incase you’re curious, here are past bags:

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More to come lovelies!

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I really love this pink color full-size NYX lipstick. It’s awesome..!!

Posted by lisa Fletcher  on  12/24  at  08:26 AM
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